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Bonfire Night Activities

14 replies

peckarollover · 02/11/2005 22:44

What will you be doing?

OP posts:

Earlybird · 02/11/2005 22:51

Planned to go to the park to watch the firework display....but, if the weather forecast for Sat evening proves to be accurate, a re-think is in order.


bigdonna · 03/11/2005 10:41

we will buy some fireworks and do them in the garden


Gobblediguy · 03/11/2005 10:42

It's ds2's birthday so we are having a family gathering at home. We are having chilli, corned beef hash, sausages and chips plus chocolate apples with sprinkles that the kids and I are going to make on Saturday afternoon.

We back on to a rugby club who have the most spectacular fireworks display every year so we'll be out in the garden for that

Dh has bought 25 sparklers - the kids have never done them before as they've always been a bit too little so hopefully they'll enjoy that this year.


peckarollover · 03/11/2005 12:13

Looking for some sort of craft activity or similar to do with minded kids tomorrow.

OP posts:

Gobbledigook · 03/11/2005 12:15

Someone suggested to me to get black paper/card and chalk to do firework pics on. Or if you are brave you could do paint splashing on black card?!

Or could you make cardboard Catherine wheels? YOu know where you have a circle of card (they paint or colour) and you put string through it and hold at each end and it spins the circle? Not sure how to explain that very well - do you know what I mean?


Gobbledigook · 03/11/2005 12:16

Or could you make the chocolate apples? Just get some sticks to put the apples on, melt chocolate, dip the apples in melted chocolate and then into a bowl of sprinkles then put them in the fridge? That's what we are doing.


peckarollover · 03/11/2005 12:43

Good ideas there - I think I will do bonfire night chalk pictures. I did toffee apples with them last week for halloween.

OP posts:

JenumGeranium · 03/11/2005 12:46

I am thinking of doing some toothbrush spray painting on black card. Also making Catherine Wheel biscuits!


peckarollover · 03/11/2005 12:47

What is toothbrush spray painting then!?

OP posts:

Gobbledigook · 03/11/2005 12:49

Just where you flick the bristles pecka - so it sprays onto the page. Bit messy but fun!


JenumGeranium · 03/11/2005 12:50

Yeah it is going to be a bit messy, but hey! I'm a fun and happy laid back childminder!

Who am I trying to kid!?


puppy · 03/11/2005 13:59

What about get them to color some card in various colours with pencils/felt pens, then cover this with black crayon then use lolly sticks or something to scratch a firework pic on. make rockets out of kitchen roll tubes - cone top, colour tube then put red/orange/yellow paper tissue coming out of bottom and a lolly stick for the stick. hope this helps


JenumGeranium · 03/11/2005 14:06

oh wow, I remember making those pictures where you scratch off the black crayon when I was a little girl! Memories ahhhh!


Lucycat · 03/11/2005 14:08

with the toothbrush pics, make sure you pull your finger towards you or you end up with a splattered face!

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