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Childminders club: I have just had my first Ofsted inspection!

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Tan1959 · 01/11/2005 20:35

Hi All

Just thought I would share with you all that I have just had my first Ofsted inspection and got graded a 'GOOD' - I am soooo pleased. The Inspector made me feel really comfortable, at ease and was so nice. I have tried really hard to make my setting really appeal to children & tried to think of most things and all my hard work has obviously paid off. I spent all day yesterday making sure my paperwork was in order and I think that I read on here somewhere that one of you other ladies had laid all the paperwork out on the kitchen table, I followed suit and she was impressed! Well I was on the verge of 'nervous breakdown' this morning thinking that I was going to forget absolutely everything during her visit but managed to appear to stay calm!! Anyone else have an Ofsted inspection looming?

OP posts:
bonkerz · 01/11/2005 20:37

well done TAN!!!!!!!!!!

katymac · 01/11/2005 20:37

Congratulations I'm pleased for you

ThePrisoner · 01/11/2005 21:00

Congratulations! Hope I haven't got inspection soon because I haven't dusted for ages ...

jellyjelly · 01/11/2005 21:54

Well done, i had mine last week and was so nervous and i got a good as well. It does make you feel good. Did you celebrate.?

Tan1959 · 01/11/2005 22:35

Thanks everyone.

ThePrisoner: I frantically went round the house making sure no cobwebs or insects in lampshades!! heavens above if there was, eh?! The inspector was also here to consider registering me for overnight care so knew she would be going upstairs - thank goodness my ds had spent more time out than in this week - would have been slightly messy - you know clothes over the bannister, boxers left shrewn on bathroom floor, shaving on the sink - anyone have the same? Teenagers eh!
That's brill JellyJelly: Yes I must admit I did have a glass of wine (once mindee had gone of course)!

OP posts:
jellyjelly · 01/11/2005 22:53

what did they say about the overnight because i asked about that as well but have too many problems with the windows, safety etc for overnight so thought i wouldnt do that now.

ThePrisoner · 01/11/2005 23:09

I have always had my upstairs registered, but am now thinking seriously of limiting it to downstairs. (We've got a downstairs cloakroom.) It means that all the rubbish downstairs can get hidden upstairs!! My dds also hate having to tidy their rooms for inspections - I've heard stories about, amongst many other things, inspectors being "funny" about aerosol sprays being left out. Minded children aren't allowed in my dds bedrooms anyway, but I don't want to put high bolts on all their doors.

Tan1959 · 01/11/2005 23:44

Jellyjelly - Yes they have agreed to register me for overnight care - windows have locks and cathes that stop windows being opened by tiny hands more than 2 inches.

Theprisoner: Yes it is a problem for me too - do I put locks on ds bedroom or not - well I guess it depends on the age of child and whether a safety issue but in saying that, his room would be out of bounds anyway as not fair on him to allow children, not matter what age in there. In bathroom, we have had to slightly change the way we store things that pose any danger to children so not too much of a problem.

OP posts:
Tan1959 · 01/11/2005 23:45

that should read 'catches

OP posts:
ThePrisoner · 02/11/2005 00:37

My dds are all older teens; mindees do not need to use upstairs loo. I have always had my upstairs registered "just in case" - but not sure what the "just in case" means!! The only time any of my mindees has gone upstairs is if one of them is a bit upset, one of my dds will often say, "let's go and find something in my bedroom for you to bring down and play with."

On previous inspections - one inspector had a problem when she saw a dartboard in dd1s room (no darts, just the dartboard!); another saw a pair of nail scissors left on bedside table; another was concerned about a "wall hanging" potentially falling down!! I can live without that kind of rubbish.

My job tends to dominate every aspect of my life and my home, and it seems daft to let it take over rooms that are not needed for my work, especially when it affects my children. OK, I think I have made a decision here ...

jellyjelly · 02/11/2005 09:04

Tan are these catches for upvc windows as i cant find any to fit my exsisting windows and i am not replacing them yet.

Tan1959 · 02/11/2005 14:41

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