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how to register for looking after 2 babies?

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kelli22 · 31/10/2005 09:46

HI everyone its been a while since i came on here as i have just given birth to my gorgeous baby Jess!!

So im starting childminding in March (hopefully) and my next door neighbour has got a 9 week old baby and has asked if i would mind him when she goes back to work, thing is my dd will be 6mths and hers ds will be 7mths so what do i have to do to get approved by ofsted? He will be my first mindee, does this matter as long as i feel capable of minding them both? which also brings me to the question has anyone else done this and how did you cope? i will also have my other dd who is 6.

Thanks and i hope you are all doing well.

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HappyMumof2 · 31/10/2005 10:19

Message withdrawn


HappyMumof2 · 31/10/2005 10:20

Message withdrawn


kelli22 · 31/10/2005 10:24

thanks i think to start with i would just have the babies and my dd for as long as money would allow and then probably take on part time mindees if i was asked the last thing i want is to make my first few months as a CM so hard i cant cope and i give up cause i really want it to work out. any more advice would be welcome (smile)

OP posts:

ThePrisoner · 31/10/2005 19:24

You need to put together a letter to send to OFSTED. You need to convince them that your next-door-neighbour would only choose you to be her minder (are you best friends?), as they may say that it is "new business" and, therefore, tough luck.

Perhaps you could babysit both babies at her house so that you can tell them that you've got experience of being able to cope with both of them. They would want to know how you would plan your day, whether you'd have enough equipment (eg. cots, high chairs, double buggy). Have you got any previous childcare experience?

When Social Services looked after childminders, I was registered to have two babies - I'd had twins myself, and had also cared for other babies before I started minding, so was very experienced. I currently mind two under 12-months as my recently-graduated dd is registered as my assistant (although I care for them myself, she is "available" in the house somewhere!)

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