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Aupair contract

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leesax · 30/10/2005 16:40


Has anyone ever had an aupair contract?
If so what sort of things did you put in it? There seem to be lots of nanny contracts around but nothing for aupairs, and as aupairs aren't really employed I guess it is different, but I really wanted something in place so everyones expectations were clear. Any suggestions?

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SenoraPostrophe · 30/10/2005 17:17

au pairs are really employed - you only don't have to pay their NI etc because they usually earn less than 70 pounds a week (or whatever the threshold is these days).

You could just use a nanny contract and delete the bits that aren't applicable.

leesax · 30/10/2005 18:38

Oh right I didn't realise that, I always thought that you were just a host family who offers accomodation, food 'pocket money' and in return they help out but it was not classed as employment.

Wonder where I got that idea from??

Will have a look some of the nanny contracts in more detail and see what adjustments to make.


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