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Advice needed following on from yesterday...

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juliaemma · 28/10/2005 15:42

Hi, thanks for your replys yesterday about if the 10 year olds take up my places and what to charge after school....i decided to charge the same.
Anyway they came today and it all went well...and we are going to talk soon about if we are all happy with thing im not sure about is mum said she wanted me 5 days...then said 5 mins later that on a monday night the girl goes dancing..when i asked if i will be collecting her, she said no. So i then said so its 4 days then, she said well sometimes on a monday you may need to get, do i charge her for the monday each week, as she may let me know week by week, which could stop me from taking on other things..or just say that if im free i am, but if not she will have to find someone else, unless she payes each week for it...if that makes sense!!!!!?????????

OP posts:
badgerhead · 28/10/2005 16:07

If she is wanting occasional cover then I would either say that she has to pay for the 5 nights or she takes a chance that you have the room when needed. I have one 11 yr old who I am paid to collect from school on a Monday, but rarely do as mum usually finishes work early on a Monday & collects her herself. But pays me in case needed.

HellyBelly · 28/10/2005 18:14

Hi again.

I have this problem with a mindee at the moment. Took on after schooler after summer hols and was told they would know the after school club activities that week. There's been delay after delay and changes of days for things etc etc which has made my life very difficult. I suggest you agree very clearly what you are doing so you don't end up in the same trap as me. Also, make sure you get paid for the days that you are 'on call' as you won't be able to fill those spaces. I have one who will do netball but not if the weather is bad - this parent just TELLS me when I'm needed rather than ask and make sure.

Sorry, just had bad experience with my first one but hey, I'm getting more experience to help me know what not to do next time!

jellyjelly · 28/10/2005 18:26

Make her pay of the monday or make it very clear that if you dont she might end up picking her up because you have another child or personal things to do on that day. I would charge as you wouldnt be able to take on another child on that day.

If you dont make it very clear there will be misunderstanding and disapointment on both sides later on.

juliaemma · 29/10/2005 09:58

Thanks, im definatly going to charge her.xxxx

OP posts:
ThePrisoner · 30/10/2005 23:05

I mind several schoolchildren. If the parents want me every day (or for a specific number of days), then I charge the full amount for each day. If the child sometimes goes to an afterschool event, occasionally goes for tea with a friend, or the parent might pick up, then I still charge. The "seat" is booked in my vehicle, and I can't "let" it to anyone else.

If a parent is unhappy about it because their child always goes dancing or whatever, then that parent needs to know that if it's cancelled or child cannot attend for whatever reason, there is absolutely no guarantee whatsoever that you will be able to collect.

I have children that come on a very occasional basis (parents usually collect but maybe have meeting), and I will have them if I have space, and charge the normal rate.

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