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Thanks / Follow-up

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Lasvegas · 28/10/2005 10:32

At the end of August I was really down and posted and got so much empathy and advice, my life now is so much improved. Thank you.

Basically I couldn't get DD to CM (without being awful to her as she dragged out leaving home)and be at desk for 9.00 am. Although have DP he never drops/collects DD. Thought I needed prescription from Doctor as couldn't work out why I couldn't cope with only one toddler.

Your posts made me realise that many others felt the same stresses and I had to accept that however early I got up I couldn't be in 2 places at same time.

DP agreed to throw more money at childcare and we re-thought arrangements totally. Now have full time AP who drops/collects DD every day. We moved DD (nearly 3) from CM to Nursery (which she loves). This wasn't an option before because of opening hours of nursery. New full time AP is great. I am so much calmer with DD in mornings we chat and play before it was like a boot camp - do a wee, clothes on etc. DD still sobs when I leave for work but I don't feel as bad a we have had 30 mins quality time.

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JenumGeranium · 28/10/2005 10:35

awww, I cant take any credit for any advice or help given to you - I'm still quite the new girl on here. But anyway, glad to hear everything has worked out for you - makes it so much easier doesnt it?!

joanna4 · 28/10/2005 10:45

I too cant take credit but as the old saying goes something has got to give! Sounds like you have the right balance for ALL of you now not just children and other half.

uwila · 28/10/2005 13:47

I remember your thread. So glad things have improved for you.

dizzydo · 29/10/2005 08:12

Lasvegas, I remember your thread too and I really felt for you but as you say many of us have felt the same stresses and feelings of inadequacy. I am so glad you have worked it all out and, it seems, everyone is happy which is NOT easy to do.
Well done.

hunkermunker · 08/11/2005 11:15

Is she still at CM?

CarlyP · 08/11/2005 11:35

I didnt see that post, but good for you for taking control and making arrangements to suit you and work so well for DD.


Lasvegas · 08/11/2005 11:59

Hunker M strange U should ask as I just started thread on this board - I strongly suspect CM is mistreating DD.

From next week she will be f/t at nursery.

Having f/t AP is a bit naff in terms of privacy but it means that I have 25 minutes extra quality time each day with DD as AP does drop off and collection. Means I can take short cut to station and I am at my desk by 8.50 am.

I'm increadiably lucky that I have a DP who helps with childcare costs. For first 2 yrs of DD life I was single parent, if I still was no way could I afford a f/t au pair and nursery.

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