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Childminders Club: arghgh bugger website design

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peckarollover · 27/10/2005 12:11

Some of you may remember that I set myself up a website a while ago?

I was really pleased with it and thought it looked great but have a big problem.

I did it through a site that provides website templates and you pay small monthly charge - anyway the credit card i had listed got refused as it expired, i didnt realise this until got a debt collectors letter!! anyway i paid what i had to to the debt collector but the site has disappeared and i keep getting shoved between the company and the debt collector.

The crux of it is I cant be bothered to battle anymore and fear I have now just lost the website.

Does anyone know of other sites that I could do the same (set up my own website using their good looking templates) or alternatively recommend someone to design me one but would have to be very reasonable fees?


OP posts:

HellyBelly · 27/10/2005 13:02

Poor Pecka - what a nightmare!! No suggestions as have never used these before.

I build websites in my spare time and do special rates for childminders but not sure if my fee may be still too high??

Feel free to email me ([email protected]) if you would like a quote.

Good luck with whatever you decide. Can't believe you had debt collectors over it!!

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