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away play policy

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tortoiselover · 17/10/2005 10:19

i am looking at doing a over 8,s awayplay policy but just don,t know where to start any advice will be greatly appreciated.

OP posts:
katymac · 17/10/2005 15:49

I don't know what an away play policy is - sorry tortoiselover

ThePrisoner · 17/10/2005 18:31

Does it mean they can go out to play without supervision from you?

tortoiselover · 17/10/2005 21:17

i am a childminder and i care for over 8,s who would like to play outside and away from my home with their parents approval and me to be the point of contact for children but parents to sign for responsibility for child as i have younger children and can,t be with them in my home and also at the park etc. i was wondering if anyone had a policy for this or have come across this in their own practise.

OP posts:
katymac · 17/10/2005 21:18

I don't let the children I mind play out - I may be over protective tho'

kcemum · 17/10/2005 21:25

I mind a couple of over 8's and they aren't allowed to play away from me. Just wouldn't feel comfortable.

katymac · 17/10/2005 21:26

Glad I'm not the only one

kcemum · 17/10/2005 21:30

I don't even let my own (11 & 8) play out on their own, much to their disgust .

katymac · 17/10/2005 21:32

I'm with you and DD (nearly 8) hates it - she wants to walk to her friends house about 400-600m away but round several corners and through an alley

I just can't do it and we live in a village of about 300 houses...sed isn't it

kcemum · 17/10/2005 21:38

No it's not sad, it's responsible. DD1 goes to Senior school next year and I just can't get my head around the fact that she'll have to walk to school on her own, crossing busy roads!

katymac · 17/10/2005 21:51

When mine is 11 she will have to go 3.5 mile journey- by BUS with all those horrid horrid teenagers

How will I protect her?

kcemum · 17/10/2005 21:59

It's hard, this growing up business, but we all have to do it. It is as much a learning curve for us as it is for our children.

Ps tortoiselover sorry about the hijack!

HellyBelly · 17/10/2005 22:03

Just wanted to agree, my nearly 10 yr old mindee is not allowed out without me, I wouldn't even if her mum asked me to as I'd be too worried.

My own ds is only 2½ so I've got a while til I have to worry about this myself.

tortoiselover · 17/10/2005 22:16

i live in a culdesac with a grass area at the end of the road and the older boys like to play their with their footballs or ride around on their bikes , the children have asked for this bit of independence and the parents have also said they are happy with it so this is where i have a dilemmia and am trying to keep all parties happy!

OP posts:
katymac · 17/10/2005 22:21

Are you into a network? Could they or NCMA give you advise?

I think the safety of these children is paramount

But the parents need to look at it from your side. What IF? If they let their children play out that is their decision. If you let them play out you are responsible

You need some more experienced minder (I'm only 2.5yrs in)

ThePrisoner · 17/10/2005 23:15

I've been asked about the older ones playing out unsupervised (by the children themselves though, not the parents!) The parents are happy for me to say NO!

My reasons for saying no, apart from the fact that I'm mean and ugly and don't allow the children to have any fun whatsoever, is because I would never forgive myself if anything happened. I am responsible for the children, end of story! Even if the parents are OK with it, it would worry the hell out of me.

What would you do if one of the big children got hurt? Leave the littlies and run down the road?

However, I guess it would depend on just how far the children are from you. Would you be able to see them from your house? I am pretty sure that you are allowed to do it for the over 8s so long as you have parental written permission (I've been on a course!). Are you actually a childminder for these children, or just a "safe house" they can come to in an emergency?

tortoiselover · 17/10/2005 23:42

i am a childminder for these children i am also on a network and also a member od NCMA, i just felt that i needed a policy to go along side the permission slip,i was looking to see if any other childminder has been in a similar dilemmia, i have been minding for nine years.

OP posts:
ThePrisoner · 17/10/2005 23:59

I'm also on network and NCMA member, have been minding for 11 years (or 12?) ... need to get a Grown-Up Job ...

I do know a minder who regularly allows older mindees to go to park by themselves (completely out of sight and hearing), and we all thoroughly disapprove!! I've heard of other local minders whose mindees can play out alone and, without fail, it is seen as unacceptable by all the other minders. We're a cliquey lot!

I have two 10 year old boys who come afterschool/holidays - when we go to the park, they see all their mates riding around on their bikes, and I think they feel a bit embarrassed about having to be with me. However, as they both have younger siblings, I told boys to tell their friends that they have to help me out with their younger brothers. It seems to keep everyone happy. They've certainly never been teased about it.

How old are children? Would you be able to see them from your house? Would they be riding bikes up and down cul-de-sac in front of your house? I think there is a big difference between being "out the front" and being half a mile away.

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