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references..what kind of thing should they say?

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Lmccrean · 16/10/2005 12:18

Im applying to be a childminder and my team leader in work is happy to write me one, but wants to know what to say...i guess responsible, honest, organised, tidy appearance and have good timekeeping...anything else needed?

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HappyMumof2 · 16/10/2005 15:46

Message withdrawn

Lmccrean · 16/10/2005 17:24

ah, im in NI, and we dont have ofsted..references are made up entirely by the references - at least, it asks for two references on front of the 20 page form booklet i was sent, but no other mention of it, so I am assuming so..

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hatstand · 16/10/2005 17:30

do you currently do child-related work? in which case you could include more specifics - creative? understanding? disciplened etc

Lmccrean · 16/10/2005 17:40

nah, customer service online for a lingerie website..oh, maybe I could add "patient" !!

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