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how to find a nanny?

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CCH181 · 13/02/2011 17:03

I've been searching for months and have yet to find the perfect nanny! Help! Where do I go next? I've been on and as well as I've seen dozens of CVs, but only a few that have actually been of any interest. I'd like to advoid the agencies if possible (trying to avoid the fee as I've already paid a big fee for my maternity nurse!!). Any suggestions on websites or other places to try? We're in SW London. Thanks!

OP posts:
mylife123 · 16/08/2017 13:53

oldgreybird > I read your comments above then i would say that it might be you don't know well how the job of nanny are sorry to tell it to you cause normally there is 2 types of nannies which people doesn't know nanny to simple and nanny-housekeeper they undertake the general household duties specifically agreed within the job description. The pay is still the same in these 2 types of job.
I agreed with you only about your comments saying that she should read again her advert cause most of the parents nowadays they are too demanding and not warm enough to their employees. How come you didn't find someone within hundred of CV you already. Let me tell you you ll never find the perfect one unless you try it, almost of nannies do the same job but it's up to their employer to make them like to stay longer in your place if you know how to be well with them not too demanding or too cold they will stay longer with you but if you are irritating believe me no one can live with that. Think about everybody is the same whatever doctor, nanny, director,... you are lucky to have good job but you never know one day how life change to your nanny. Wishing you good luck and try be friendly to your nanny then you'll see they ll respect you.

lovellykids · 28/08/2017 19:38

Hi Reaching out ,
Got twins 3 months looking to find nanny and costing priceing very expensive
where can i find
monday to friday 8am - 7pm ( sometime weekend sat or sun )
sw area victoria

lovellykids · 28/08/2017 19:56

Hi reaching out we got twins mother in law go back oversea
so how do we find a nanny
monday/ friday (sometimes i day on weekend
i really dont know where to start
london victioria area

can anybody giude me we are getting desparate


patriciajames · 10/04/2020 07:10

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

underneaththeash · 10/04/2020 16:32

This thread is initially from 2011, so I doubt the OP has any need for an nanny any more. But that agency you're "recommending" charge £299 PER MONTH ongoing for a nanny. That is extortionate.

Still1nLove · 10/04/2020 20:24

Sounds like a plug for the agency

rebeccajoel · 16/04/2020 06:39

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Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

underneaththeash · 16/04/2020 08:35

@rebeccajoel - you can't advertise on here!
reported again.

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