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How do you make that cornflour stuff?

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peckarollover · 14/10/2005 09:04

That they use at nursery to play with?

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nzshar · 14/10/2005 09:15

cornflour and water

put cornflour on a tray of some sort then add water a little at a time till you get a gloopy type mixture. You can add a little food colouring if you want too


peckarollover · 14/10/2005 09:37

Is it very messy? Stupid question I suppose!


OP posts:
nzshar · 14/10/2005 09:57

It is messy but very easy to clean wipes away easily . What age child is it for?

peckarollover · 14/10/2005 10:18

5 yr old, 2 yr old and 18 month old

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