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Childminder's Club: Really disappointed....

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katymac · 07/10/2005 19:58

...we had been hoping to have a little girl with SN and had spend days arranging it.

Sorting out therapy sessions, getting permission from OFSTED, altering everyone days & hours of work (prob about 15 hrs in all - including a visit to the nursery where she currently is to see how she interacts with the other children, so we have a "baseline" so the speak)

Everything was going great. SS were happy, SN advisor was happy, we were happy.

But Mum (or Dad, we think) has decided that it's too much effort to bring her here. It will be easier to drop her off at Nursery 8 til 6 and then they won't have to do any extra journeys.

We are really sad - for us as we miss out on an opportunity, and for the Little one as we felt (maybe wrongly) that she would be able to have her needs met more fully at ours

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HappyMumofWhooo · 07/10/2005 19:59

so sorry


ThePrisoner · 07/10/2005 21:02

Can you pick her up?


katymac · 07/10/2005 21:09

I'd need to take 3 under 2's on a 15 mile trip at 7:40am.....I don't think it's practical
Alternately I could also stay open an extra hour (5 days) until 7pm (so 11.5 hr days) and they might be able to get there on time.

OP posts:

ThePrisoner · 07/10/2005 22:02

What a mess, and a real shame for the child. One wonders why parents have left it so late to decide that they couldn't do it. (Perhaps SS or the nursery will think of something?)


katymac · 07/10/2005 22:05

Well I'm hoping for a taxi from ss - but who knows?

It is really hard for her in the nursery - never mind that she never gets to see her younger sister - I really wanted to help

OP posts:

ThePrisoner · 07/10/2005 22:52

If it is really only the parents claiming the effort is too much (and not just making excuses for changing their minds, for whatever reason?), the nursery/SS might know if it's a possibility to have some sort of taxi? (Not sure if appropriate for the child, of course).


katymac · 07/10/2005 23:05

Apparently the mum was in tears to the SN advisor

kinda sad really as she wants something better for her dd

OP posts:

ThePrisoner · 08/10/2005 14:58

So the mum wants it to happen, SN advisor wants it to happen, SS wants it to happen. The only glitch is physically getting the child to your house. Do SS have volunteer drivers to help? Who would be paying you? (Parents? SS? Nursery?) Somebody somewhere ought to be able to do something - how frustrating! (I'm not being much help here really, sorry!)


katymac · 08/10/2005 16:10

i think the Meningitus (sp) Trust is paying....with some of the DLA (maybe) and there was some discussion about direct payments

OP posts:

katymac · 16/11/2005 22:56

Do you guys remember this?

Apparently it may be "happening" again...just watch this space

OP posts:

ThePrisoner · 17/11/2005 00:09

Am waiting in anticipation!! Why might it be happening again?


katymac · 17/11/2005 15:01

Dad (step dad?) has left and mum wants some stability - meeting on 29th

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