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Childminders Club: How much do you spend on mindee presents???

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HellyBelly · 07/10/2005 12:56

Got some birthday's coming up and trying to decide how much would be a reasonable amount to spend on each?

What do you spend?

OP posts:

puppy · 07/10/2005 13:02

Hi helly, its the twins i look after b'day today, i got them a £5 book token each aswell as cards and i made them their favoutite meal last time i had them ( they are 9yrs) they really enjoyed it


HellyBelly · 07/10/2005 13:09

Great, I saw something I wanted to buy for 'x' for £11.99 as I know they'd love it, just thought it could get expensive if I do this for each one as a lot of birthdays are on the same month! Would you spend the same again for Christmas?

Glad they enjoyed their meal!

OP posts:

kcemum · 07/10/2005 19:26

I tend to spend about £5 per mindee for birthdays and christmas except for one mindee who is DD2 best friend, I spend the same amount on her as I do for other school friends pressies.

By the way smiths do gift cards that can be topped up by the parents etc when they've spent what you put on. These go down really well with oler mindees.


ThePrisoner · 07/10/2005 19:27

I spend more on a full-time child than I would on a child who does one day per week. I would probably spend £10 maximum on a full-time child, but try not to because I have about 20 children to buy for over a year (birthdays and Christmas).

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