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What are 8 year old boys into?

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Jenum71 · 05/10/2005 16:56

I may be minding an 8 year old lad, but not too sure what kind of things they are into. My ds1 is 6 so do you think they will get along?


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Jenum71 · 05/10/2005 18:16


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Lonelywitch · 05/10/2005 18:21

My boys are 9 and nearly 8. They like Yu-gi-oh, Pokemon, lego, computer games, history, science, ICT, war games, Star Wars, gameboys - their list they have just dictated to me, not my ideas.

Mind you, they are odd in that they are not inot football. I asked if they thought they would get on with a 6 yo and they said "It depends!"

Jenum71 · 05/10/2005 18:26


Depends?! On whether they are a nice 6 year old or not!?

Thanks for the list at least it gives me something to go on!

The lad has just been round and got on with 6 year old (and 3 year old) just fine!

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Lonelywitch · 05/10/2005 18:27

Well, I think it is fair to say that if this 8 yo likes football and your ds does too, they will get on fine.

RTKMonherBroomstick · 05/10/2005 18:27

Not sure if they will get on it really depends on personalities

DS is 10 but would have been harry potter, star wars, lego, reading, drawing, writing stories. When he was 8 iirc

Jenum71 · 05/10/2005 18:30

Ok cool!

Sounds like my 6 year old really. Glad Lego came up - I have massive box full of it that I shall no doubt be clearing up for days on end!

ds1 is also into star wars, gameboys, comp games - not so much football really.

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RTKMonherBroomstick · 05/10/2005 18:43

DS has been LEGO mad for years and still is

His room is covered in it

Nightynight · 05/10/2005 18:44

My nearly 8 year old likes making things. He is the main consumer of sellotape, foil and cardboard in the house.

stitch · 05/10/2005 18:44

i think lonelywitchs list is excellent. i wouldhave added football to the list.

Lonelywitch · 05/10/2005 19:18

I think a good box of Lego would keep anyone aged between 4 and 12 reasonably happy.

RTKMonherBroomstick · 05/10/2005 19:22

4 to 99

Lonelywitch · 05/10/2005 19:23

I think the 13 to 18 brigade would think it was beneath them, or am I wrong?

ThePrisoner · 05/10/2005 23:09

Definitely any construction sets - mine love Polydron (don't know if it's still available, it belonged to my dds from years ago). They are also allowed limited time on Playstation. If I have the playkitchen stuff out for toddlers, the older boys (I have two 10 year old boys afterschool), are just as likely to muck in and turn it into a restaurant, help make menus, etc.

Very sexist all this, but they also love anything vaguely associated with cars - so garages, floormats, tracks, racing sets.

Jenum71 · 06/10/2005 10:49


Thanks so much - you have given me loads of ideas! Funnily enough I have just bought a elc kitchen set from the local charity shop!

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