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Childminders Club: More advice needed on NAPS etc.....

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HellyBelly · 05/10/2005 14:50

Sorry to bother you again so soon about the same thing.

For those of you who read my previous thread, my problem was getting mindee 'x' to have nap at 11-12.30 and mindee 'y' at 1.30-2.45ish as we never have time to go out to things like toddlers etc. as we have the school run after the afternoon nap.

Well, mum of 'x' is happy for them to have nap whenever so I decided to try them all after lunch so at least we can go out in the morning or have time to all do messy play etc.

New problem arisen.......takes about an hour to get mindee 'x' to sleep. Now needs rocking, singing to etc etc. but if not 100% asleep when put down in cot, wakes up crying as doesn't like to 'fall' asleep lying down (ok once asleep though). I therefore tried old routine of 11am today and yesterday in case 'x' was overtired by 1ish and that was the problem. Well, same problem, put down at 11am but can't get to sleep til around 12-12.15. Means having lunch seperate to the others (which causes a problem with 'x' not eating again!! )

Forget the time issue and the eating lunch issue, my question is should I be spending this much time trying to get them off to sleep? I've tried pickup putdown routine but 'x' goes mad when laid down - just stands and shouts and throws dummy across the room etc!

Anyone had similar problems? 'x' gets picked up at 2.30pm so no nap means worse mood for mummy to deal with in afternoon

She did say he's been very naughty since having his hair shaved off and I've noticed this too.

What do I do?????? HELP!!!!

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omega2 · 05/10/2005 19:51

how old is x? I looked after an 18 month old who would only sleep in her pushchar when you had taken her for a walk - we did this once as it was impractical with a 5 month old and 2 year old as well. After that i put her in cot, shut door and left her to scream the place down. It only took a couple of days and her mum was happy for me to do this.


HellyBelly · 05/10/2005 20:13

'x' will be 2 in a couple of weeks. I do leave calling out for about 45 mins then end up rocking etc as others need to nap after lunch etc etc.

Anyway, will try for after lunch nap tomorrow as I want them to go to toddlers in the morning. I don't think it's helped that they've just moved and don't see dad as much and some other things. Hopefully will settle down after a while.


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alison222 · 07/10/2005 18:43

how is it going?
i had problems sometimes with my son at around 1.5 as he wouldn't sleep - had learnt to fight it.
Mind you as he was mine i could leave him to scream. thankfully those I've looked after go to sleep really well as long as it is timed right.

it didn't last though as he realised I meant it and was just too tired to fight it after a couple of days

did x go to sleep ok before this?

Maybe it is just the chage in routine disturbing him as is not used to going to sleep after lunch. if he is capable of staying awake till then I'd personally persevere I think provided the parents were OK about it.
IME the older they get as toddlers the more they seem to resist change until they can explain the problem to you


HellyBelly · 07/10/2005 19:02

He actually started having problems with the morning nap but around the same time as we tried to change the time. It's hard to say what's caused it as it's also happened since they moved house with dad no longer living there, x having his hair shaved off (which mum said made him a naughty boy ) and also him coming to me full time. Don't think we'll ever know for sure ?

How's it going??? Well, after speaking with his mum, we've both decided it's best for him to have a nap after lunch. Reason being is because he'd never eaten any part of a sandwich or anything (although would happily eat crisps mum had put in bag) until I changed his nap for the first time. By sitting down to lunch with the other toddlers, he started eating soooo much more - instantly. If, however, he has an earlier nap like before, he won't eat after (even if other kiddies are??).

I've just got to get this afternoon nap sorted so he doesn't scream the house down (well, he's not really upset, he's just shouting in protest ) and stop the other mindee sleeping (only have 1 room they can sleep in).

Once I have all that sorted, I will try and get my own ds to nap again as I really really want this (for behaviour reasons and to give me a break).

Anyway, must go and get ds ready for bed!

OP posts:

alison222 · 10/10/2005 18:32

just wondering if he used to fiddle with his hair as a comfort and can't now its all gone. Does he go to bed at night?


HellyBelly · 18/10/2005 13:47

alison222, just seen your message and the answer is I'm not sure. I've never seen him do this when he was napping fine before so I don't think so (my friends dd does and it's really obvious as she does it lots)

I personally think it's all the changes in his life in one go!

ANYWAY........DARE I SAY......I think I may have cracked it! I'm scared to get too excited but the last 2 days have been great and he's been asleep by 1pm!!! I really think it was a matter of sticking with it and making him realise this IS the routine!

He's eating much better and sleeping too. He's now asleep before the 2nd mindee needs her nap so it's working quite well SO FAR!

So pleased I never continued with the rocking etc!!!

Please may this nice new routine continue. Hope next week's half term doesn't spoil it (as his big brother comes too!)

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