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What to do?

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joanna4 · 04/10/2005 18:37

Today I have been offered a job in school I made enquiries and dropped lucky but it is only till xmas.I am fully qualified as a teaching assistant but registered as a childminder.I know my inspection time is coming round but i have no children anyway.I have said i will take the temporary job but what if someone rings to inspect me -the job is full school hours.

OP posts:

HappyMumof2 · 04/10/2005 19:23

Message withdrawn


chatee · 04/10/2005 19:26

don't think they would inspect you without children they like to seeand hearthe children in the setting...
ps:arrived at work this afternoon at 3.15pm(ASC Playleader)to find unannouced Ofsted Inspection...


karen23 · 04/10/2005 19:39

I thought they could and would inspect you even without children but you'd get a lower grade as they wouldn't see you interact with the children or see how settled they are with you. Speak to Ofsted and explain about your temp job I'm sure they'll take it into consideration.


ThePrisoner · 04/10/2005 20:50

They can definitely do inspection without there being minded children present, but you would not be graded as high as you would if you have mindees there. You get the same lower grade if your mindees are asleep as well (so wake them up before inspector leaves!)

They should be happy postponing your inspection if you tell them why.


Tan1959 · 04/10/2005 21:25

I had a call about two months ago regarding an impending inspection - I mentioned to Ofsted that I only had one mindee two afternoons per week - they asked if I could get mindees mum to be present! which actually would have been great.

I have heard nothing since....

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