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Childminders Club: OFSTED just called......

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HellyBelly · 04/10/2005 17:49

Just had lady from Ofsted call to ask if I've started minding yet. As I have, she's going to tell the inspector so they can arrange an inspection.

Just interested to know how quickly these can be arranged?

Am I right in thinking they tell you before they turn up that it will be between x date and x date (3 days or something?)?

Don't know why I'm panicking - nothing to hide, just the word 'inspection' gives me the gitters!!

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katymac · 04/10/2005 18:08

Don't worry

I'm not sure about the new arrangements either

But someone will

karen23 · 04/10/2005 19:30

I got the same phone call (on a thursday) and later that day the inspector rang and said she'd ring back tomorrow - Friday when I knew the hours for next week (Shift Patterns) She rang on Friday and said she'd be down before Wednesday no set time or day just if she wasn't there by 10 I could go out. Anyway it was another 2 weeks before she came I had plenty of contact with her she explained why she didn't or couldn't make it that week (She's an inspector for a different area) and when she did turn up it was very relaxed.
Sorry I went on a bit - as far as I know they just tell you which week it will be not the day or time.

chatee · 04/10/2005 19:32

i'm an ASC Playleader and i got to work this afternoon and sat in the heads office was.....

an unannounced Ofsted Inspection...
seems this the season to be.....inspected

FeelingOld · 04/10/2005 20:09

I got a phone call on the weds, inspector phoned on the friday and said she would like to come between mon and weds the next week. Fortunately it was 1/2 term week and we were going away so she had to make it the next week.
The only info they gave me was that she would come either mon, tues or weds and apart from school runs I should stay in cos she could call at anytime. Luckily she arrived at 9.30 on the monday morning and she was really nice. She just had a coffee whilst observing me and mindees and asked a few questions inbetween and looked at my portfolio, attendance register, accident book etc.

ThePrisoner · 04/10/2005 20:46

I attended an OFSTED presentation re. new inspections and they confirmed that minders will still get some notice about impending inspections; nurseries and the like should be having unannounced inspections.

HellyBelly · 05/10/2005 13:04

Thanks everyone!!

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