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Childminders Club: Just wanted to SHOUT....................

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HellyBelly · 29/09/2005 14:30

(for those of you who know I've been having problems recently!).............YIPPEEEEEEEEEE - 3 toddlers all fast asleep in bed so I'm off to put something yummy in the oven!

Started off putting nearly 2 yr old in bed but he's been really naughty recently (his mum's words!!) and his nap times are not as easy as they used to be. He was still awake half hour later but I didn't want to wait any longer so got other mindee up there. He was making loads of noise and trying to annoy her so I rocked him (for about 15 mins in the end) and FINALLY, he went to sleep and SOMEHOW??? I managed to get him to stay asleep lying down (he did try to get up but I cuddled him as he was lying down and he went off again). Then mindee 2 wanted another wee before going to sleep so we crept out and in again (no wee tho!!)

Came downstairs thinking 'if only ds would sleep too' and guess what....he's asleep on the floor with dribble down his face Must have been the walk today!!! YES, managed to get all 3 of them down the nearest park by 2 in twin buggy and ds walking. He walked both ways (total of 45 mins) like such a good boy - I was so proud of him being careful near the road as this had been a big worry.

Anyway, off to cook my sausage casserole in yorkshire pud thing (just fancied something warm!)


(sorry, just a tad bit chuffed as yesterday was an AWFUL day!)

OP posts:

HellyBelly · 29/09/2005 15:06

Yum yum, that was tasty!! kids still asleep so will try and empty the dishwasher without making a racket!! Already tidied the toys up, what else does one do when no kids are around????? It's scary being this quiet!!

OP posts:

JELLYJELLY · 29/09/2005 15:43

well done i grabbed a sausage roll on the run and had my first drink of the day about 30 mins ago. Got one asleep at the moment and leaving in 2 hours then i have the place to myself.

Still having problems with the schooler.


katymac · 29/09/2005 16:12

Good for you

I'm pleased things are working out


HellyBelly · 29/09/2005 16:41

Sorry to hear you're still having problems jellyjelly.

Katymac - as for things working out, I won't get too excited as this is the first time this has happened - reckon I was just lucky but at least I had some lunch today!!!

OP posts:

ThePrisoner · 29/09/2005 17:18

I'm just excited because I've unexpectedly finished ultra-early, 5.00pm instead of 7.00pm!!


ThePrisoner · 29/09/2005 17:18

What's "lunch"??


HellyBelly · 29/09/2005 17:33

Theprisoner - pleased you finished early. As for lunch, thought you said you eat when the kids do and they try bits etc??? Maybe I have the wrong person! Anyway, I know what you mean about no lunch, no drinks etc - was so nice to sit down and eat for a change!!

OP posts:

ThePrisoner · 29/09/2005 17:44

I do try to eat with the children. However, I've recently taken on small newbies in the camp, and spend lunchtime frantically spooning mush into mouths. They are adept at passing this mush immediately into their nether regions. By the time I've collected the nearly-at-full-time-school-reception child at 12.00, done the nappies, done the mush, removed pips from orange for schoolchild, cleaned up faces, re-done nappies (they invariably poo into clean nappies) ... it's 2.30pm and time to start thinking about the school run.

Until this month, I've had three toddlers full-time for quite a long while, and was lulled into a false sense of security - nice, calm lunches sat around kitchen table, discussing morning events, planning afternoon activities and the meaning of life ... I forgot how much time little ones take up! They can't eat pumpkin seeds either.


HellyBelly · 29/09/2005 18:49

Theprisoner - you always have me ROFL!! Well as I'm sure you know, I have 3 toddlers to look after but yours sounded much more well behaved than mine!! Hopefully this will improve when the new full time arrangements start properly next week!

In the meantime, I will thank my lucky stars I'm not up to my eyes in mush!! (although I am covered in snot at the moment! )

OP posts:

JELLYJELLY · 29/09/2005 18:53

I am up to my ears in mush and enought snot to share around. Any takers?


ThePrisoner · 29/09/2005 19:18

All the kiddies are full of snot at the moment, I just love the way their little noses get wiped across my jeans, T-shirt, hair ... (and I just don't care either!!)


ThePrisoner · 29/09/2005 19:24

Thanks for the offer Jelly anyway, perhaps katymac would be interested?


katymac · 29/09/2005 19:51

I can cope without anyone elses children's snot

Why is it when they learn to share - they share snot first


katymac · 29/09/2005 22:13

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

ThePrisoner · 29/09/2005 22:28

14 kids' worth of the stuff? Must be a few bucket-loads!!!


katymac · 29/09/2005 22:29

and what is it with under 1's - they have so much and it gets everywhere


ThePrisoner · 29/09/2005 23:36

'tis their sole purpose in life, to poo, vomit and snot everywhere. At least they're not my babies, I can sleep at night!!

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