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Childminder website ad

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Jenum71 · 24/09/2005 10:07


Can I advertise my childminding website on here?

Wasnt sure if it was allowed - best to check!

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HellyBelly · 24/09/2005 11:12

yes, it must be you!! hehe you can advertise on the childcare jobs bit - let me know if you need any help

HellyBelly · 24/09/2005 12:43

Actually Jen, just remembered - I've already advertised your website on here anyway. This is one of those from the list after building your website. I've been bumping it up the list every now and then but you may want to put your own advert together now?

Have a look in the childcare jobs section.

H x

Jenum71 · 24/09/2005 14:44


How funny - I asked on here to give you a break and you end up answering my question anyway! lol

Take care


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SenoraPostrophe · 24/09/2005 15:18

yes, but you need to pay - post in the small business ads topic and it'll prompt for payment (25 quid i think)

HellyBelly · 24/09/2005 18:58

Hiya Jenny. No probs you still asking questions, it's only coz stuff gets buried in my inbox at the moment. I end up replying quicker on here!! As for advertising, no, you don't have to pay - there's a special place for childcare ads! Your advert is one there (one I did) but you may want to personalise one?

H x

Jenum71 · 24/09/2005 19:27

Hi Helen,

No, I'm sure your advert is great!

Sorry, being a durr - I should have known you would have advertised on here already!

Jenny x

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