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Childminders Club: Do I need a Triple Buggy?????

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HellyBelly · 23/09/2005 08:57


My original plan for transporting the 3 toddlers was to use my twin buggy with a buggy board at the back. Bought a buggy board and a Litaf Seat to Go (board with seat) and neither of them are suitable for my twin buggy. I started thinking about a triple buggy but due to the ages, I'm sure I should be encouraging more walking etc and therefore it may be a waste of money???

The ages are:

ds (2.6)
girl mindee (2.7)
boy mindee (2 next month)

Tell me I'd be mad to get a triple buggy for these ages! I'm sure I don't need one but am just worried about the bigger outings and tired little legs. That's why I wanted a board.

Anyone have similar ages to look after? What do you do? Twin Buggy with board? Twin buggy with one walker? Triple buggy?

I'd love to be able to take the mindees out in the buggy and my ds hold my hand as I don't think he gets as tired as the others, it's just that he's started running off and stuff so trying to deal with that and I'm just scared of him running off when I have the other 2 children to look after! Someone suggested a wrist strap???

Opinions as usual please

OP posts:
Nemo1977 · 23/09/2005 09:05

Not a child minder but just wondered if you could get them to alternate sitting in the buggy. My ds is 2 next month and will walk if he doesnt have a seat to sit in, however he does get tired after a little while. So if they can recoup and someone else walks then thats fair and just use a wrist strap depending on the child. DS wouldnt use a wrist strap or reins as he hates it but he will hold your hand or the pram without any qualms.

staceym11 · 23/09/2005 09:06

im not a childminder, but they could all take it in turns to walk, yeah a wrist strap would be a good idea, its hard enough to control one let alone 3.

hope all goes well!

HellyBelly · 23/09/2005 09:36

Thanks mums! Will try that. I did try reins and a wrist strap when my ds was still 1 but he was having none of it. What I'll do is give him the choice - hold my hand/the pram nicely or use the wrist strap. Maybe the thought of him being strapped with make him behave?! Will have to try this on the boy mindee too as he's just as stubborn as my ds . The girl mindee will be no problem, she's good like that!

OP posts:
Tan1959 · 23/09/2005 11:42

The children I mind do not go out without a writststrap on if we are walking (apart from when in the park)! One of my mindees was stubborn too, so I took her favourite dolly with us and put strap on dolls hand and strap on hers, I held onto the middle part - she soon got used to it, now dolly can be left at home

JELLYJELLY · 23/09/2005 11:58

I think you would be mad helly, i have got little man walking and he has been doing it for two weeks now. I do say that mumy isnt too strong so i need help and that he is a big boy. I did turn a positive spin on it otherwise i know it wouldnt have worked with him.

FeelingOld · 23/09/2005 12:13

Some days I have 3 little ones aged nearly 3, 2 and 15 months.
I have the 2 younger ones in the double buggy and the 3 year old on a wrist strap, if the walker gets tired we just do a swap. I must admit when I do have all 3 which is only usually once a week, we do not tend to go out anywhere which is too far or too busy, we just go on school runs, park, toddlers etc where not too much walking is involved IYSWIM.

HellyBelly · 23/09/2005 13:45

Tan1959 - good idea with the doll. Could use that on the girl with her teddy if she has a problem when it's her turn. DS not so into dolls so will try something else.

Jelly - I tried a similar thing with ds today when we were out and him and boy mindee needed to hold hands with me (small walk so no pram needed). I asked him to hold my post as it was too heavy and I needed his help - funny how they fall for stuff like that eh!! I had lots of these tricks in my head but couldn't overcome the fear of it not working and him running off. Anyway, this week I really seem to have made progress with his behaviour so what I'll do this weekend is try a small supermarket shop to start with and see if I can get him to stay with me. This will make me feel better (not the supermarket at the weekend!! ) before trying it with them all iyswim.

Feelingold - I will have all 3 Mon - Thurs from 3rd Oct which is why I'm trying to plan now, as we need to go out and do stuff.

Thanks for all the tips! Will keep you posted on my progress

OP posts:
JELLYJELLY · 23/09/2005 16:48

why dont you make a list of all the most important stuff you have to buy and then you can leave if you need to because he plays up?

HellyBelly · 23/09/2005 18:45

Good idea Jelly, I always start with the fruit and veg and to be honest, that's what I need most of as usual! The rest of it I will write in priority order and order of location so I don't spend the whole time going up and down the big Asda!!!

Fingers crossed! He's certainly behaving much better this week than he has been since I started childminding! (I may regret saying that after tomorrow! )

OP posts:
ThePrisoner · 23/09/2005 19:12

I've got a triple buggy (3 seats in a row) and it's brilliant for walking locally (wide paths, cycle paths etc.) However, it certainly doesn't fit through most doors easily; can only fit into lift in our sports centre and through gates to local nursery by being dragged through sideways (not good for buggy or my back). It will fold up nicely to fit into most boots, so is great for visits to farm parks/other wide spaces if you need to drive. I currently use it for 3 mindees all aged under 18 months, but have used it with children up to the age of 3 years.

Using my twin buggy with buggy board wouldn't be possible for the ages of mindees I have now, but I think would be fine for yours. The triple buggy isn't cheap, and a buggy board/wrist strap are much cheaper options!

I've also got one of those "all American wagons" which you can pull along, and get at least 3 toddlers into!

I won't go anywhere without using reins or wrist strap if we are near roads, and the children have always accepted that I don't want to "lose them".

I'd agree with others about yours taking turns in walking if they are capable of doing so, but I guess it would depend on where you are walking to and how much time you have!

omega2 · 23/09/2005 19:12

Not sure if this is any help but i am a nanny and one of my jobs i had was a share with 5 month old, 18 month old and a 2 year old (just 2). When we walked any where which was often as it was easier than car, the 2 little ones went in the double buggy and the 2 year old walked holding on to buggy. He was really good and i never used reigns although i did try the first time but nearly ended with them wrapped around his neck! When the middle one got to about 2 we went onto single buggy with one either side holding on

blodwen · 24/09/2005 20:08

I think you would be mad to buy a triple buggy too. Encourage them to take turns walking, and push a single buggy. I never use a buggy past the age of 2. Better to allow a bit longer for the journey than damage your back - you wouldn't be able to child mind at all then!

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