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Childminding club - Can i have a mindies friend back to mine???

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Diddle · 21/09/2005 16:20


This may round really daft, but one of my mindies is 7 next Tuesday and she is with me after school every day, and won't have time for a party at home. So if i asked a friend of hers back for tea, do i ahve to count them in my numbers if they're not paying me???

I guess parents with children of thie rown ahve this issue, do you have your kids friends back after school extra to your mindie???

OP posts:
Diddle · 21/09/2005 16:20

please excuse typos

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RTKangaMummy · 21/09/2005 16:30

I don't know the answer but will it take you over your numbers for 7 year old category?

RTKangaMummy · 21/09/2005 16:30

I would also ask whoever it is that insures you

katymac · 21/09/2005 16:48

I've done this loads

The child counts in your numbers unless an adult is there who is responsible for them

So if you already have 6 under 8 - you can't have an extra with out an extra adult (iyswim)

Diddle · 21/09/2005 16:50

Yes i would be over my numbers, for that age group. Should i ask Ofsted or just NCMA? or maybe both

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Diddle · 21/09/2005 16:55

Thanks Katymac, thats buggered up my idea then. what if the extra person was my husband, not a registered minder? does that count?

OP posts:
katymac · 21/09/2005 17:03

Can that childs mum come?

RTKangaMummy · 21/09/2005 17:18

Isn't your husband registered as an assistant

Diddle · 21/09/2005 17:32

no he's not, should he be registered?? don't i ahve to show that i pay him or something, thoughit might get complicated if i did that

OP posts:
Diddle · 21/09/2005 17:33

childs mom could come but i don't know her very well and i would feel oblidged to entertain her as well as the kids

OP posts:
RTKangaMummy · 21/09/2005 17:35

OFSTED used to register DH as an assistant

but last year we were told that we wouldn't have to pay the registration charge to OFSTED and that he could continue to be registered

He is on the OFSTED report

RTKangaMummy · 21/09/2005 17:36

But he is at work and so only works as a cm when I hurt my back last year and couldn't lift etc. He would come home to put into car seats etc.

Diddle · 21/09/2005 18:21

thats a good idea

OP posts:
RTKangaMummy · 21/09/2005 18:29

Is he on your OFSTED report?

Did the inspector talk to him?

ThePrisoner · 21/09/2005 23:50

Kanga - why did you have to pay a registration charge to OFSTED for your dh? My dh and my 3 dds are all registered as assistants (for occasional help, emergencies etc.) and I have never had to pay anything over and above my own registration fee. They are all listed on my registration certificate.

Diddle - you don't have to pay family members anything if you don't want.

Not sure where you stand legally if you make your dh responsible for the extra child. I know of minders who have had their husbands at home and therefore able to take responsibility for their own child, but OFSTED have said they can't, that they are always counted in the registered minder's numbers!! (Stupid Ofsted Rule Number 384)

RTKangaMummy · 22/09/2005 01:43

This was on my the inspections before this last one which was in 2004

DH was registered in his own right on the 2002 one and earlier ones iyswim {but he only did emergancy cover etc.}

Diddle · 22/09/2005 13:05

Have had an email back from the NCMA, and they said they contacted Ofsted and no its not allowed, only way round it would be to ask the childs parent to come too and be responsible for her.

OP posts:
katymac · 22/09/2005 13:06

It's such a nuisense isn't it?

Next year they will be 8 and it won't matter

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