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Following on from grant thread - essential kit?

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peckarollover · 19/09/2005 20:24

What would you consider essential childminders kit!?


OP posts:
ThePrisoner · 19/09/2005 20:42


goosey · 19/09/2005 20:44

red wine

katymac · 19/09/2005 20:47

Computer - lots of paper

ThePrisoner · 19/09/2005 20:56

Walls to scribble on ...
Carpets to be sick on ...
Car seats to wee on ...

Valium ...

I get the feeling that we're not taking this seriously ...

katymac · 19/09/2005 21:02

Wipes by the lorry load

Large bag to carry everything you need, might want, could possibly fit in

blodwen · 19/09/2005 22:22

Snot coloured jumpers with reinforced shoulder pads (9m old has 4 teeth - ouch!). Jeans with handles up the side seams for babies to pull themselves up - (8m old thinks I am a climbing frame!). Eyes in the back of your head. Patience by the ton. The ability to change a nappy, wipe a nose, sing a song, sort out an argument and spell out a word all at the same time, whilst telling the nice man from where to put your shopping, answering the phone and cooking the lunch !

katymac · 19/09/2005 22:24

I wish I could do all that, Blodwen

blodwen · 19/09/2005 22:26

So do I Katymac! It would be handy, wouldn't it!

ThePrisoner · 19/09/2005 22:34

But seriously, pecka, do you mean toys? equipment? or shall we just carry on as we are ??

katymac · 19/09/2005 22:36

Seriously tho' I love my highchair that lies back so I can feed a baby, without crawling on the floor

blodwen · 19/09/2005 22:45

My 'can't do withouts' are probably... chairs which 'hang' on the table (no legs to trip over and very sociable), my double Urban Detour (that seats 3),and my freestanding bouncer. Will carry on thinking...

katymac · 21/09/2005 20:10

This kind of died - didn't it

Did I get too serious?

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