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Childminder's Club: On a bit of a downer....

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katymac · 19/09/2005 18:51

Just been given notice for my two fulltimers

I now have no Fulltimers at all - my timetable looks like a jigsaw a few hrs here meeting another over there

Really sad 'cos i will so miss the children and kind of miss the money - but I think I will miss the children the most

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RTKangaMummy · 19/09/2005 18:54

KMc sorry to read that

katymac · 19/09/2005 18:56

I have had them for 19 months since they were 4 months old

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RTKangaMummy · 19/09/2005 18:58

That is hard when that happens

Will you still see them in the village?

katymac · 19/09/2005 19:00

Prob not....I think she will move away to be near her mum

She has been depressed for a while - I have been really concerned about her

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RTKangaMummy · 19/09/2005 19:02


katymac · 19/09/2005 19:15

It's so sad

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blodwen · 19/09/2005 22:24

That is a shame. It is sad when they leave. I hope you manage to fill the spaces soon.

katymac · 19/09/2005 22:25

I've had to lay off all my staff was horrid

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blodwen · 19/09/2005 22:27

I hadn't realised it was that bad. So is it just you and your dh now then? Will your staff be able to come back if needed?

katymac · 19/09/2005 22:32

We have gone from 7 three days 6 for 2, down to 5 three days and 4 for 2.

It doesn't happen until December - but I had to let them know as they need to spend for Christmas knowing that there will be no January wages

When I said to the Mum that although I would keep it confidential - I would have to tell my staff as they would be laid off....she said "why?"

DH & I can prob do it all ourselves - which is just as well as we have lost £990 a month

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blodwen · 19/09/2005 22:41

Oh dear. I really hope things pick up for you soon.

katymac · 19/09/2005 22:44

I am now where I was 6 months ago...except I'm better cos I have the next 3 months income (before it drops) - the staff are very understanding and I gained 4 children in the last 6 months - who knows where I will be in six months time

That is so philosophical and that's not me

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blodwen · 19/09/2005 22:46

IME things always seem to come along, and often turn out for the best...
Off to bed now - 7.15am start!

katymac · 19/09/2005 22:47

Night Blodwen
Hate the early mornings

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katymac · 20/09/2005 07:44

Thinking about it - it is to my staff's credit, when I told them last night - each one said, "I'm going to miss them" before saying "I guess that means less hours...or is it none?"

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ssd · 20/09/2005 07:45

So sorry to hear this KM

katymac · 20/09/2005 09:35

I'm sure I will come thro' it - I've just got to be positive

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HellyBelly · 20/09/2005 13:23

Poor Katymac Sure it will turn itself round for you! As you said, just be positive!

I'll keep you busy with all my questions!!!

FeelingOld · 20/09/2005 14:25

So sorry for you Katymac, being a childminder is so unpredictable isn't it?
I have only been registered for a year and I was really worried at the beginning cos I only had 1 part-timer for about 4 months and then one by one I have added to my numbers. I now have 5 part-time under 5's and 1 after schooler and 2 holiday time school age mindees (but I do not have any full-timers so it's always a bit of a juggling act cos some of my parents do shift work).
You just have to wait unfortunately and advertise everywhere and anywhere and hope someone needs you soon. It's really difficult where I am cos new childminders are registering all of the time and some of them can't find any kids to mind and give up before they really start so I suppose we are luckier than them, but it is a shame about your staff.
Good luck and I hope you can find some new mindees before your others leave.

katymac · 20/09/2005 19:12

Thanks everyone - I'm coming to terms with it slowly

I appreciate your support

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ayla99 · 20/09/2005 20:32

Rotten luck KM. One of my mindies is leaving next week. I get all choked up about it, I hate it when they leave.

I bumped into an ex mindie in the supermarket, she was just a littlie & didn't show any sign of recognition. It was heartbreaking. But i always get a cheerful grin & hello from 2 others (aged 12 & 5, different families) and those 2 have each spent less than a day with me (covering for other cm's). Cheers me up no end when I see either of them.

katymac · 20/09/2005 21:27

I feel so sad that the children are going and I feel so responsible about my staff being laid off. But we had a meeting today, one was quite disgruntled, one said - "but you always said it was dependant on the children" and the third said 2we will have more children by then anyway" so it's not all bad

It's the "loss" that has got all of us - they are ours

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