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Childminders Club - what would you do? (sorry bit long but need some HELP!)........

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HellyBelly · 19/09/2005 14:08

Hello ladies, need your advice again please...

I had a 9 yr old a few times during the summer hols and have now been asked to collect after school (Tues, Wed & Thurs) and to have her full time during the hols. Since she started back at school, I have been collecting her Mon - Fri as her after school clubs for Mon & Fri haven't started yet. I have just been informed by her mum that one of the activities is changing from Friday's to Thursday's which is my problem.

The reason this bothers me is because after all 4 mindee's contracts changed, I'd decided that I would finish at 2.30pm on Friday's, giving me time to catch up with the work on my other businesses. This was going to be fine as mindee 1 is going to be Mon - Thurs 8.30 - 6.30 and mindee 2 is Mon - Fri (9 - 2.30, but til 5.30 on Tuesday's - including older brother after school). Although I have the numbers to have 1 more full time on a Friday, after careful consideration, we'd decided I would leave it as the way my new contracts stand, I have the income I need with a nice short Friday.

Well.......if I still do the school run but swap these days, I will still be working til 5pm on Friday's which isn't what I want

No contracts have been signed yet as we were waiting for the club letters from her school.

I really really want my Friday afternoons as I'd started planning what I would do in that time. HOWEVER, I really don't want to let the mum down. What would you do??? (would be ok if she decided to attend another club on the Friday too!)

The other thing is that if I loose this contract altogether, I will miss out on the extra income in the school hols. As much as I'd love this extra income, I really don't want to work Friday afternoons.

Anyone had similar situation. I feel so bad for the mum I just don't know what to do!!

What would you do?

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HellyBelly · 19/09/2005 15:45


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katymac · 19/09/2005 15:49

Complicated.....why not explain to the mum - that you weren't intending on working on Fri pm (what about holidays - will you still finish early?)

See what she says.....she maybe happy for her child to do another club on a Fri....or she migt not and you will have to decide how much that half day means to you

HellyBelly · 19/09/2005 16:03

Cheers Katymac, was planning on doing full days on school hols etc but wanted the rest of the afternoons on Friday's free.

Thanks for your advice!

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HellyBelly · 19/09/2005 17:13

I mentioned it and she didn't seem too bothered but then sometimes I don't know whether people just act polite and then get annoyed when they go away and think about it. She said she'd wait for confirmation about the clubs and if this day swap goes ahead, she will look at what they have on offer for Friday afternoons and take it from there.

Feel bad but it's not me going back on my agreement. Hopefully something can be sorted so we're all happy!

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katymac · 19/09/2005 18:41

Good Luck

HellyBelly · 20/09/2005 08:36

Cheers Katymac!

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