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Interesting nannyjob quote

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emicawber · 14/09/2005 10:39

"These parents have lots of money and husbands to pay the bills, we do not, we need to think of our own financial situation. ";action=display;threadid=10889;start=msg174919#msg174919

OP posts:
uwila · 14/09/2005 11:08

I'm pondering whether to bite my tongue or have a go... oh so tempting....

marthamoo · 14/09/2005 11:10

Interesting first post, emicawber - not looking to start another mumsnet/nannyjob fight I hope ?

uwila · 14/09/2005 11:17

Well, possibly I'm guilty. But it's still worth discussing nannies attitudes toward their claim to the parents income as if it is owed to them.

uwila · 14/09/2005 11:22

On second thought, marthamoo, you are right. I shouldn't take the bait. More important things to do. Back to work now...

jura · 14/09/2005 14:39

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

uwila · 14/09/2005 15:28

Gee thanks Jura.

How are you? Do you have a new nanny now?

MaryP0p1 · 14/09/2005 15:42

Hello all, I am a nanny and a parent and occasional look at nnannyjob but haven't for some time now because I find that alot (not all) of the people are quite judgemental about parents and how parents parent. I think being a parent is very difficult even with training and we all do the best we can under the circumstances we have. Critism from our childcaregivers is both unnessecary and unhelpful. My opinon is rightly, or wrongly, most of the users of this site are quite young and without the experience of being a parent and therefore the understanding of the difficulties it presents.

I do hold my hands up to thinking 'what on earth do they(parents) think they are doind occasional' then I remember I am one too and make just as many silly decisions/mistakes.

batters · 14/09/2005 15:43

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hunkermunker · 14/09/2005 15:44

One quote from NJ I liked was something about posts on MN being from "so-called mothers"...

uwila · 14/09/2005 15:49

My favourite ones are the threads that have my name in the title. I'm famous over there.

uwila · 14/09/2005 15:51

I going to go tell my hubby the HE has to pay all the bills cause the nannies said so.

Alright alright, I going back to the work I've been avoiding.

jura · 15/09/2005 00:11

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

majorstress · 15/09/2005 16:19

Uwila, has 2nd time motherhood mellowed you?!?! I'm having a nice day right now with my new local lady from HongKong, a real mum whose kids have grown up. DAY 1(I am at home to supervise):the house is sparkling, the dinner is ready to throw on the stove, kids are busy and happy, and mostly not interested in bothering me, and I have got some work done myself! it will only go downhill from here I expect. I just let her let them watch tv after school so far, it's pouring out and I don't care anymore anyway. I think she might rise to the challenge anyway when they get bored with that though and find something else for them to do. I hope my own nanny days are over, more of a friendly housekeeper from across the street, and very flexible part-time hours instead.

uwila · 15/09/2005 17:02

Has second time motherhood mellowed me? Don't think so. What can I say, I'm a yankee.

But, my new nanny is lovely so all is well there. Infact, doesn't it just figure tha tI finally get one I like and her visa restricts her to one year. Bugger! I've stared another thread to see if anyone has any tips on how she might stay.

WigWamBam · 15/09/2005 17:07

Last time I looked on NJ, someone had started a thread looking for me, and someone else had replied saying that I was a psycho and an evil little bitch.

Nice people over there ...

Ameriscot2005 · 15/09/2005 17:09

They've said much worse things about me

WigWamBam · 15/09/2005 17:11

I've never been anywhere near NJ before though, I've never made a single post there!

Ameriscot2005 · 15/09/2005 17:17

So you're not one of the M'netters who posted on NJ incognito?

WigWamBam · 15/09/2005 17:19

No, not me. I'd never been there until someone posted to say that someone had left a message there for me ... I assume it's someone who also uses MN and has seen me post here. I have my suspicions who it was, because there aren't that many threads involving nannies that I've been on ...

ssd · 15/09/2005 17:40

glad the new nanny is working out Uwila!

uwila · 15/09/2005 19:51

It's much more fun to go onto nannyjob under the same id as I use on mn. I did this a couple of weeks ago just to say hello why they were having a go about me.

batters · 15/09/2005 22:02

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CroNanny · 17/09/2005 15:57

Whilst it is true that some nannies do think like that, please dont generalise.
I personally have worked for families who are on a tight budget and I always appreciate that not every family has the same financial situation.
Also I have worked for families who have more money than common sense. It is a big difference!
But please don't take it the wrong way, as nannies we have to take care of our income. It is our job after all and we expect to be payed accordingly.
But no way do I think that ALL mothers sit at home whilst husbands pay the bills. Most of my friends are mothers and I see how they struggle. It is not easy.
And one day when I become a mother, I'd like to think I'll be able to find a good nanny to look after my child (if neccesary) and not to judge me like that.

NannyL · 17/09/2005 16:38

Well said cro nanny

i agree... MY boss works hard full time (they have lots of moeny dont NEED to work but she LIKES working hence has me!)

As soon as she back i go home (shes one of the mums who adores her kids (unlike some (but obviously not all) who have nannies!)

My boss amazes me... i genuinely think she is 'super woman', but the amount of things she achieves between 6pm and 8am (it truley AMAZES me!) + she works full time inbetween! (makes me wonder when she sleeps, lol!)

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