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DF; DD; DM etc - what does it all mean?????

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Flabulous · 14/09/2005 00:51

New to the forum (also a bit bleary eyed) I know its gonna be obvious when someone tells me but what do all these abbrevations stand for.

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QueenOfQuotes · 14/09/2005 00:52

If you look at all the links above - under 'useful' stuff there's a link for acronyms - if you click on that you'll get a little pop-up with almost all of the commonly used ones

Flabulous · 14/09/2005 00:55


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QueenOfQuotes · 14/09/2005 00:56

NP (no problem]

Welcome to MN BTW

Skribble · 14/09/2005 00:57

I still don't get the SWIMHYK ones.

QueenOfQuotes · 14/09/2005 00:59

I love the last on on the list - or maybe I'm drunk (again)

Skribble · 14/09/2005 01:00

I don't know but I don't do much SWIMing

uwila · 14/09/2005 09:39

Welcome Flabulous!

What part of the country are you in (assuming you ar in UK)?

karen23 · 16/09/2005 21:19

I've only just spotted this thread I'm so glad I'm not the only one who doesn't understand it but what is SWIMHYK?

Flabulous · 16/09/2005 23:04

Hi Uwila

Thanks for the welcome. I am based in London. What about you??

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