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Local teenager babysitting - how much should I pay her?

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ssd · 13/09/2005 14:18

She is 19 and a trainee nursery nurse.

How much should I offer to pay her by hour?

I'm in Scotland.

OP posts:

Jackstini · 13/09/2005 14:19

I'm in midlands area but round here they get about 5 per hour - minimum wage I suppose?


QueenEagle · 13/09/2005 14:20

Don't know what the going rate is north of the border but I paid my 18/19yo babysitter £5 per hour and took her home afterwards or paid for a taxi. That was for 4 kids including bathing the baby and putting him to bed. The rest of the kids were all in bed by 9 so she had the time after that to herself.


Mum2girls · 13/09/2005 14:21

I pay our local nursery nurses £5 an hour.


ssd · 13/09/2005 14:29

I thought about £5

OP posts:

katymac · 13/09/2005 16:20

Min wage for a 17yo is £3 (£4.50 for 18-21)


gingerbear · 13/09/2005 16:22

I used to get £5 an hour, and that was over 20 years ago!


MarsLady · 13/09/2005 16:36

I pay my teenagers £4 an hour! They are lovely and it means I can be lazy and work out what to pay if I go 15 mins over an hour


harpsichordcarrier · 13/09/2005 16:41

I pay £5 an hour - good babysitters are worth their weight etc etc


JELLYJELLY · 13/09/2005 19:50

I get paid £5.00 ph and i am highly qualified.


Roxswood · 14/09/2005 21:47

I got paid £5 an hour and I was a full time nanny. I used to get paid £5 for the night when I babysat as a teenager.

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