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Childminders First Aid Box

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karen23 · 11/09/2005 17:36

My boyf has let my daughter use my first aid box to play nurses! I now cant find the list of contents I need. Does anybody know what OFSTED expect you to have? Any help and advice would be appreciated

OP posts:
katymac · 11/09/2005 17:39

I'll have a look in a minute and get back to you

katymac · 11/09/2005 17:59

Waterproof Plasters
Triangular bandages
Large dressings
medium dressings
Safety pins (contentious item - some inspectors don't like these)
Alcohol free wipes (as above)
Eye Pads
Scissors (removed)

I have a HSE first aid kit and have argued with the problem items that if HSE wants them in - they stay in

karen23 · 11/09/2005 19:18

Thank you for that i was panicking a bit

OP posts:
ayla99 · 11/09/2005 20:14

This is mine:
First Aid Box

disposable gloves
scissors (blunt/blunt)
safety pins
ear thermometer & instructions
sterile eye pad x 4
eye wash solution
tube gauze & applicator
sterile gauze x 3
sterile triangular bandage x 4
non-sterile triangular bandage x 4
conforming bandage x 6
sterile dressing (10 cm x 10 cm) x 6
sterile dressing (5 cm x 5 cm) x 12
plasters x 20
micropore tape
cotton wool
emergency blanket

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