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Help! Am interviewing nanny tomorrow, what do I ask?

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orangina · 08/09/2005 20:37

Sorry , but this will be the 1st time I have ever interviewed for a nanny, and it sounds like a stupid question; I do obviously have a long list of things I want to ask her, but does anyone have any advice re: what to ask apart from the blindingly obvious? Have done a quick search to see if there is already a thread on this but can't see one.... all advice, and even a pointer to an existing link/thread would be VERY much appreciated, thanks very much!

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starshaker · 08/09/2005 20:41

look at this


orangina · 08/09/2005 20:53

Thanks starshaker....

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bigdonna · 08/09/2005 21:38

i would ask what she enjoyed doing with the children!.And how would she fill their days.and would she know what to do in an emergency.Also how would she discipline your child(ren).


Kaz33 · 08/09/2005 21:55

I've employed three nannies - what impressed me about mine.

My first nanny looked after my son from 6 months old - she walked in to the house and the first thing she did was take him off me. She was so confident in her abilities and then talked to me, him and played with him.

My second nanny took over when he was then over 2 and obviously harder to impress - what impressed me was that she talked to him, got no response but then tried again, not in a pushy way but in a measured determined way. She got him to talk more than any of the others did.

My first nanny I knew she would annoy me and she did - she was great with our son and could not fault her childcare. But I found here very hard to deal with don't underestimate how important it is to like your nanny. Don't employ someone that you don't bond with.

My second nanny was great with the kids and really easy to be around.

My third nanny was a disaster, short notice didn't go with my instincts. But she did me a favour as she was the catalyst for me giving up her job.

What else to look for in a nanny depends on how experienced you are. If it is your baby then you need someone who knows all the textbook stuff but if you have experience yourself you can be a bit more widespread in your search.

Good luck - there are some great nannies out there and I firmly believe that get it right and it is good for the family.


NannyL · 08/09/2005 22:07

Ask what she cooks for the children (im sure u dont want them eating nuggest and potatoe smiles everyday!)

Her attitudes to discipline

what she likes to do with the kids.... does SHE prefer to be in all day.... or is she happier being out and about with them?

does she have any nanny friends / no any other nannies in your area... is she the type that likes to meet up with them etc.... (OR do you have any friends with kids of similar age to yours, that YOU want HER to see.... what does she think of it?)

Make her duties crystal clear from the beginning!


orangina · 09/09/2005 08:45

Thank you everyone.... I think nanny has cancelled interview today, but all v useful for when the 1st interview does eventually happen....

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uwila · 09/09/2005 13:46

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