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Childminder's Club: Frustrated......

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katymac · 06/09/2005 16:07

Been talking to a mum for a week or so about 6.5 hrs 3 days a week. She is coming to do contracts this evening and is asking for only 2 days at 2.5 hrs and one at 3.5 hrs

This is accross lunch each day - so will prevent me from having another child that day.

Always when I have explained this before the parent has suggested leaving them longer because it's not financially viable to do such a short day. This mum hasn't

What should I do? Suggest a minimum no of hrs a day

If so what?

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badgerhead · 06/09/2005 16:21

Charge her a fixed daily rate at a higher rate than the amount you would normally charge for those hours. e.g. 3.5 hours at £3 per hour would be £10.50 but charge her a fixed fee of £15 per day because of not being able to have anyone else on those days, unless you are very fortunate & gain one for either early mornings or late evenings!It is up to her if she wants to use the hours charged for, but don't let her walk all over you!


katymac · 06/09/2005 16:36

That's what I thought, I was thinking a minimum 5 hrs £16

but I hope she is OK with it

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JELLYJELLY · 06/09/2005 17:27

Can you afford to turn her down if she doesnt like it or will you be lumped with it.


katymac · 06/09/2005 17:29

Oh yes I'm not swapping a whole day (potentially) for 2.5 hrs - I get enough (just) enquiries

I just feel bad as I'd agreed to do it and now may let her down

OP posts:

Twiglett · 06/09/2005 17:30

if she is going over lunch she is taking a whole day .. personally I would say you only do mornings / afternoons (neither over lunch) or full days and this is your daily rate / half day rate


katymac · 06/09/2005 17:34

she was going to do 5.5hrs so I think I'm going to say I need at least 5 hrs (£16) to make it worth while

OP posts:

ThePrisoner · 06/09/2005 17:54

Why does she want such short hours across a lunch period?


katymac · 06/09/2005 17:56

'cos her mum & dad work mornings and will pick up the child when they finish

OP posts:

JELLYJELLY · 07/09/2005 08:47

Has she gone back on her hours that she asked you for originally? Might just be having a dippy day but did she orignally enquire about 18hrs or so and now wants 6 hours over a week.

If this is the case i wouldnt feel guilty as she has changed the hours, if you had said you could do 18 hrs and now cant, i would feel guilty for that. But not because she has changed her hours because it is easier for her which it sounds like it is and i wouldnt feel guilty for refusing the request.

I would say that it has to be a reasonable slot of the day as she could be taking up a whole days place where you could potentially earn a lot more for this if you had someone in for the whole day or you had 2 sessions.


katymac · 07/09/2005 11:37

Thats right Jelly I said I'd do about 16 hrs

It's now dropped to 8.5

I don't think it is worth loosing 3 Full days (about £100) for £27.50

But then I'm mean

OP posts:

JELLYJELLY · 07/09/2005 11:47

I agree, i had to do this, this week. Feel a bit guilty letting the money deceide but i have to let it.

Good luck wiht whatever you chose.


Bozza · 07/09/2005 12:13

Thats not mean katymac. You ahve to live.


katymac · 07/09/2005 14:27

I know a bird in the hand ....and all that - but it is too much to lose, if someone else came along

I might say I'll do it but if someone else wants the days she can either pay the extra for the day or find someone else

Is that reasonable?

OP posts:

JELLYJELLY · 07/09/2005 17:45

If i was the parent i would probably not want that but that could be the control freak in me and i always like to know what is going on but it could be a better way for her to save some cash for a little while or could you have a rolling settling in or a longer time in case you do get a better offer. Would that help?


JELLYJELLY · 07/09/2005 17:45

that should have been settling in or longer setlling in period.


katymac · 07/09/2005 19:17

Well we have agreed 14 hrs (which is a lot better)

She accepts that if I have an enquiry, she will have to meet that offer (ie if someone wants 6 hrs on that day she will have to pay 6 hrs to keep her place)

She was very business minded and keen to leave her dd here. Also said she was intending on increasing her Hrs in Oct

So I think everyone is quite happy

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