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childminders Club-minding when own children poorly

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mum2akebk · 02/09/2005 22:17


I have been minding after school children for a few months due to not having any enquiries for other hours. However I have been lucky enough to have been asked to mind two young children full time. I have agreed and am looking forward to it. I am a bit concerned though as my youngest child is 17 months and I remember last year she seemed to have quite a few chest infections, which were probably carried home by my own older children from school! I don't want to be unreliable and wondered what other childminders do in this situation. With any luck she will have built up her immunity last year although she will probably catch different infections this winter.

Thanks for your help.

OP posts:

katymac · 02/09/2005 22:26

i wouldn't worry too much about chest infections

D&V are a big problem

But (IMO) the main one is wanting to look after your own and coddle them when you have 2 others to care for, it's hard


mum2akebk · 02/09/2005 22:37

Yes I know it will be-'just' a matter of trying to split myself three ways.

I know D&V can be a real problem and I definitely won't be minding if either mine or the minded children have it. That is the one illness I am dreading-it seems to go round the school like wildfire and my 6 year old quite often catches it when there is an outbreak.

OP posts:

ThePrisoner · 04/09/2005 15:52

If your own child is unwell (and obviously depending on what the illness is and how bad it is), and if you feel you could cope, then I would give the parents the choice as to whether to send their children to you.

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