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Granny nanny type thing?

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Flum · 01/09/2005 22:29

Anyone use someone like this? I had someone like this when was little when ma at work.

I would like to hire a friendly person to look after dd while I am at work (once I get a wee job of course). Not bothered if they are trained, just experienced mum or gran will do. Then they can do it in our home. Can't really afford trained nanny.

No one seems to do this it is all childminders and nurseries it seems

OP posts:
katymac · 01/09/2005 22:37

Are you happy not claiming childcare costs from the IR

'cos childminders (and more recently registered nannies) & Nurseries enable you to claim 70% if you earn below a certain level

Lasvegas · 02/09/2005 14:38

I had a cleaner who was late 50's she was a grandma, she only cleaned for me for 5 months but when my nursery fell through I asked her to look after my 7 month old dd when I returned to work. To me having an experienced person was better than a qualified nanny. My mum lives far away and I was a single parent so I liked the security of having a 'grandma' type person. She resigned after 10 months as it was too much - she had a long journey. Wouldn't use this type of person once DD was 2 yrs plus though. I think 2 plus they are better with childminder or nursery, one to one isn't right.

Flum · 04/09/2005 23:53

What level do you have to earn below?

OP posts:
Ladymuck · 05/09/2005 00:07

Well there are still "mother's helps" around. I guess the demand these days is for people to be registered/trained so that they can get funding.

How much were you thinking of paying? Not sure, but wouldn't minimum wage be an issue (assuming you "friend" lived out).

nikkie · 05/09/2005 20:20

I have heard of child minders who come to your home and lokk after instead of child going elsewhere.

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