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Universal Aunts - anyone used them? Need a holiday nanny

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Pennies · 29/08/2005 07:07

My step mum suggested I contact them to find a nanny to come on holiday with us but I've just looked at the site and it seems very old fashioned. Whilst this isn't necessarily a bad thing I was wondering if anyone had actually used them for anything? Do they provide a modern nanny service or will my babies be walked around the promenade in a silver cross permabulator for two weeks whilt wearing highly starched and frilly clothes?

Alternatively can anyone recommend another agency?

OP posts:

UKMickey · 29/08/2005 15:50

Try site will also give give nanny agencies in your own area. To answer your question all nanny agencies have kept up with the modern times. For a nanny agency to have been established many years it must have been doing something right. To many agencies come & go.


HeidiFinn · 30/08/2005 16:40

Hi, Universal Aunts were recommended to me and I used them to get a temporary relief nanny for my 9m old son about 7 months ago when my regular nanny was visiting family in Brazil. The woman they sent turned out to be a complete disaster and I had to get her out practically on the spot (I came home and my son had a mark on his head - the nanny claimed that 'he fell of the bed', how this was possible I don't know...). Mind you, the agency refunded their fee... I have also dealt with Elite Nannies agency in London who were very good.


princesspeahead · 30/08/2005 17:11

I second elite nannies.
Also tinies aren't bad at all.


Pennies · 30/08/2005 20:39

Thank you everyone - useful info here. Sorry you had such a bad experience with them HF.

OP posts:

Earlybird · 02/09/2005 21:49

Another fan of Elite Nannies. They found us our last nanny (who was fab), and are now helping me search for her replacement. They are a cut above many of the other agencies.

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