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dd needs a childminder for 11.00 to 3.00 pm not every day is it worth

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lemonice · 26/08/2005 18:40

her approaching any for these kind of hours?

dgs is 16 months

OP posts:
Twiglett · 26/08/2005 18:44

.can't hurt asking

might end up paying full day rate though

HellyBelly · 26/08/2005 18:55

I'd say yes!

giraffeski · 26/08/2005 18:56

Message withdrawn

lemonice · 26/08/2005 19:02

the problem is her income is very low (minimum wage) so I very much doubt she could afford the whole day rate (she wouldn't want him to actually go allday because she would never see him as she does bar work!)

Thanks, I think she didn't want to waste people's time visiting or enquiring if her expectations were outside the norm...

OP posts:
HellyBelly · 26/08/2005 19:06

There are some people who just take on say 1 child for the extra money without needing to be full - these people may be willing to do the odd 4 hour shift for a bit of extra pocket money? I'd say she should either contact CIS to ask if they can advise, or she could phone some anyway. As a childminder myself, I'd prefer to get a call and it not be for me than to not get a call at all IYKWIM.

BTW, would she not get help with the costs of childcare?

ssd · 27/08/2005 17:35

I mind part time days and it suits me. She has to ask around to get someone who lets her do p/t hours.
And she should get help through the tax credits people if she's brave enough to get mixed up with them.....

HellyBelly · 27/08/2005 17:43

Is there anyone out there who hasn't - they are terrible aren't they!! Missed out on a whole years worth and they won't give it me!!

ssd · 28/08/2005 08:12

They must be giving it to me then!! We are being overpaid £71 every week and I can't get them to stop it. Waiting for a letter from them to say we'll get no more for years.........every phone call to them makes it worse!

mumtosomeone · 28/08/2005 08:33

I would do it..but am not a childminder..would register if i could get a child termtime only and between 9 and 3!!!

mumtosomeone · 28/08/2005 08:35

I have had no probs with child tax credit!!

HellyBelly · 28/08/2005 08:36

ssd - same as my sister a couple of years ago. She BEGGED them to stop as she knew she'd pay for it later and has to budget strictly. They paid, and paid, and paid......then reduced MASSIVELY and now she's suffering.

Feel for you - they're IDIOTS! (sorry if anyone works for them but I don't know one person who's found them easy, straightforward AND had no problems!)

HellyBelly · 28/08/2005 08:37

Lucky you - mumtosomeone!

ssd · 28/08/2005 08:37

you should register then mumtosomeone!

I childmind and have part time kids, don't earn much, but ds2 has playmates which he loves and they mostly go by 3!!

2 days a week they stay till 5.30pm.

the beauty of childminding is that you can take on as much or as little work as you like, totally flexible.

any questions fire away!!

ssd xxx

mumtosomeone · 28/08/2005 08:40

I keep toying with it!!
I have 5 children of my own,so dont want others out of school hours!

ssd · 28/08/2005 08:42

Jeezus 5!!!

you must have enough on your plate!!

mumtosomeone · 28/08/2005 08:43

thats why I dont want to mind when they are home!!
" little ones will be here!

HellyBelly · 28/08/2005 08:43

Wow - what ages??

mumtosomeone · 28/08/2005 08:45

14,12,11 2.5 and 11 months(today)

ssd · 28/08/2005 08:46

thing is MTS you only get 6 children if registered including your own 5 so you'd only be able to take on 1 more, might not be worth it financially.

HellyBelly · 28/08/2005 08:46

So you'd be able to have 1 child during the day then!

mumtosomeone · 28/08/2005 08:48

thought it was 3under 5 so yes just have one!!
I know money might not be worth it as I would then have to loose some tax creditS!!!!

ssd · 28/08/2005 08:57

that's true, but as you might not be earning much it might not apply.

you'd have to ask them

mumtosomeone · 28/08/2005 08:59

ok will do that

katymac · 29/08/2005 14:51

The 11,12 & 14yos wouldn't count - so you could just have one uring school hours (you might have to wait to get someone just right - but you wouldn't be any worse off while you were waiting)

ThePrisoner · 29/08/2005 22:43

Lemonice - if you don't ask, you don't get!! It might also suit someone who has several afterschool children (one little less person to get trampled underfoot by all the biggies!)

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