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Edinburgh Royal Infirmary (ERI) - Failed Induction/C-Section

Jambo22 · 03/06/2022 15:42


I was on the hunt for some of this info before going in so thought I'd share my experience in Edinburgh.

I was booked in for an induction as I was a "late booker" so they weren't 100% certain of my due date. They said that as I had my scan at 19 weeks, it can be 2 weeks out either side so I booked in.

I was scheduled as an inpatient induction meaning once it started I wouldn't be going home. They can start inductions (pessary/balloon) and let you go home while things start.

The induction is kicked off in ward 119 and when I went in I had to take a COVID test. My husband wasn't tested but was asked to keep a mask on. Came back negative so was shown to my bed on the ward. The room I was in had 4 beds in total with a shared toilet.

They hooked me up to a machine to monitor babies heartbeat and to check for contractions. They use this as a gauge to see what's normal for baby. Turns out I was having contractions at this point but couldn't feel them.

The midwife spoke through the options for induction. The main two to start things off are the balloon or the pessary. Originally I didn't want the balloon (not sure why) but I let them try insert that. They couldn't get it in and offered to get a doctor to insert it with a speculum but I asked to just go for the pessary instead. Just to say - either way of kicking it off was completely my choice and I didn't feel pressured to chose a certain way.

Pessary was inserted at 1630 and I was asked to lie on my side for 30 mins to let it expand. It really just looks a bit like a shoelace and the midwife said it might feel a little scratchy while they insert it but it didn't. Thry then put me back on to monitor babies heartbeat and contractions. They reexamine you 12 hours after the pessary went in to check progress.

I got dressed again and went down to the shops got some food and sat on the benches outside - they just asked that if the pessary falls out to let them know. I didn't even really notice it down there. They check your blood pressure and babies heartbeat with the doppler every 2 hours.

I had cramping on and off but as nothing was progressing my husband went home at 10pm. Visiting for birthing partners was 8am-10pm when I was in but changed shortly after I left. Partners now don't need to leave at all.

I got painkillers - paracetamol and another tablet.. I can't remember what the other one was. I could still feel the cramping but it took the edge off at least.

At around 0330 I felt a weird sensation. It was like 3 bubbles popping in my stomach- or like a gluging feeling. At that point I was scared to stand up as I thought it could be my water and it might gush out haha. I got up and went to the toilet. I didn't feel much coming out really but looked back in the toilet and could see some brown stuff. I buzzed for the midwife and the one looking after me was on lunch so the one covering came over (I think it was a midwife and not one of the assistants). I mentioned the weird sensation re my water and that it looked like there was brown stuff when I peed. She didn't seem overly concerned, just asked me to wear a pad and said it was probably my mucus plug. I did mention I didn't think it was mucus but she didn't say anything. I put a pad on and as it was coming up to 0430 she put me on the machine to monitor heartbeat and contractions before the examination.

The midwife looking after me came back from lunch so I mentioned to her re the brown stuff. Pretty sure the person covering hadn't told her about this as she started probing more and asked to see it. (That person was the only person I had a "poor" experience when I was in - I also asked her if there was any other painkillers because I was sore she said "that's the way its gonna be"). I showed her and she was like hmm I think that's meconium (baby had pooped in the water). She asked for the pad, took it away and I heard her asking for a second opinion.

At this point there was someone in the bed across from me who was in labour who they were in the middle of getting to the labour ward. My midwife came back and said I was also going to the labour ward, she just needed to get the other lady there. I messaged my husband at that point to mention I was being moved and that he could come in. She asked if I could get the pessary and take it out - if not she would do it of course but it was fine and I managed to pull it out.

She asked if she felt I could walk and I could. I can't remember why but we just wrapped me in a bedsheet and I walked down to the room on the labour ward - the midwife essentially carried the mountain of stuff I had. There was a handover done and they explained that they wanted to move me onto the hormone drip to speed up the labour as it can be a sign that the baby is stressed if they poop in the water. I had a cannula put into my hand and I was hooked up to a machine to monitor the contractions and babies heartbeat.

I moved to the ward not long before nightshift were finishing so I had the first midwife, then had another midwife with a trainee paramedic and finally the one who stayed all day. The reason for the second switch is a policy they have, after an hour they get someone new in for fresh eyes. Everyone was lovely though so it was fine.

I already had my mind set on the epidural but kicked off the hormone drip using gas and air. It was fine at first and I didn't need gas and air, then started using g&a and then jeez, boom, those contractions were rough and I asked for the epidural. It didn't take too long for it to be put in but had to be done between contractions. The anaesthetist was lovely and had to explain the risks of course but getting this in was nothing compared to the contractions. I had to sit slouched on the bed and they give you a local anaesthetic first so it's just the usual "sharp scratch" of an injection and then they move on to getting the line in for the epidural which didn't hurt at all. Once it's all sorted, you get button so you can control how much you get. I have to say the epidural is an absolute dream - I could have it so I could move my legs just slightly (they felt really heavy). You can push the button every 20 minutes- I only pushed it every hour. Maybe I would've done it more had labour progressed further..

My contractions were a bit all over the place. Sometimes they'd be coming consistently but really short, then they'd be longer but really inconsistent - the midwife turned the drip up and down trying to get consistency. The midwife examined me but I was only 4cm dilated and had been going almost 9 hours at this point. The babies heartbeat had also increased consistently so she got the Doctor to come review. He asked if he could also examine me which I was fine with but when he touched my leg he immediately asked the midwife what my temperature was. She had been monitoring it and it was fine on the readings but he was surprised because I felt so hot to touch. He was concerned that an infection could be brewing. I was still 4cm on his examination so he asked to get me on a some fluids and we'd assess in 20 mins. He mentioned at this point if there is no change, we could be looking at a csection. I wasn't progressing as fast as I should and he mentioned people are usually on the drip for 12 hours max. Drip was done, I was still hot to touch, babies heart rate was still high and I hadn't dilated anymore. They advised I could continue with the drip if I wanted to but they would advise a section.

They read the risks and I agreed to the section. I already had the epidural so they just top that up. I was wheeled through my husband got scrubs and we were in theatre! All the people in the theatre introduced themselves and were so good at keeping me distracted with questions. I got moved from the bed onto the table for operating. Some more stuff was stuck on me and everything was set up. The anesthetist did a test with a cold spray. She did this to understand what I could feel and then topped me up and did it again. I confirmed where I could/couldn't feel and it was all good to go.

It was a bit weird getting the section knowing what was happening but not being able to feel it. I could feel them pushing on me at times but nothing else really. Before I knew it they held baby up over the curtain. He had to be taken to the paediatrics to check him over due to the increased heart rate and meconium in the water but he was totally fine.

After I was stitched up I was wheeled into recovery. I had to stay there for a while with oxygen as my levels looked to have dipped - though they did a blood test through my wrist and my results were fine so I was wheeled up to ward 211. This was similar to the original set up - 4 beds to a room.

I'll do a second post about my stay there just below this or edit this if I can. Sorry for the waffle - hopefully it helps someone :)

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Jambo22 · 03/06/2022 16:10

Forgot to mention I obviously had a catheter inserted - they keep this in for at least 12 hours. I was still quite numb for a good while afterwards.

Also whilst in recovery they asked how I was planning to feed. I'm not breast feeding but was planning on expressing at home so the midwife tried to help hand express some colostrum but we didn't get any.

My husband (encouraged by me) went home for some sleep. The midwives didn't seem like they'd kick him out but it had been a long day and the chair for him to sit on wasn't super comfy..

I got some sleep - the midwives are really great with checking on you/baby or helping with whatever you need. They are very quick to respond to the buzzer.

For the first 24 hours for pain relief I was given slow release morphine, paracetamol, ibuprofen and liquid morphine. After 24 hours they stop with the slow release morphine.

I had the catheter in longer than 12 hours - probably until around lunchtime. It was great not getting up to pee after doing it constantly haha! Once that was out I went for a shower/brushed my teeth etc and that felt so good. The midwife taking out the catheter helped me stand to check I was OK. She also gave me one of those cardboard things and asked me to pee in it. I felt like I couldn't pee at first so I drank so much water and finally managed to do one in the evening - wasn't sore and all was working fine.

I had to have the blood thinning injections- these are for 10 days in total for me. The first injection done in my leg I didn't feel at all - I think I was still numb. They advised me to do them in my legs but when I got home, my mum told me to try my belly (she previously had these for other treatment) and jeez, it's so much better in the belly. Doesn't nip as much!

I was on the ward for the evening after I'd given birth (that was late anyway) + 1 more. So a total of 2 nights.
Whilst on the ward the midwives were great. Usually they'd turn up with the painkillers before I had to buzz for them! They also helped with the baby or got the baby for me when I couldn't (overnight when husband wasn't there) - and it never came across like it was a hassle. One actually offered to take him away when I was standing in the hall with him as he was crying. They took him for about 3 hours so I could sleep.

Whilst in there, baby had checks from various people - paediatric, hearing test etc.

After the second night stay, the midwife asked if I wanted to go home or stay another night. I was keen to go so she started the process. I had various people come see me and get medication sorted. I was sent home with the injections, paracetamol, ibuprofen and liquid morphine. They were also due to send some laxatives home with me - it was on the note but they couldn't get hold of them. They said I could ask gp for them if j needed. I didn't bother and just bought something and ran it past my community midwife.

When at home - midwife has various visits but day 5 is when they take the stitch out. My stitch was one big long stitch and it didn't hurt to take out - I was bothered thinking it would!

Recovery has been going good. I've been up and showered everyday (aside from the day I was leaving hospital), been on a couple of walks but it is sore. I've just stayed on top of pain medication.

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