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39 weeks - on of contractions all week but still nothing!!

Moonrain2017 · 03/06/2022 13:31

I am 39 weeks and have been having on and of contractions since Monday, as well as bloody show and mucus plug

I was examined yesterday and told I am 1cm and my cervix was favourable (2nd pregnancy) MW gave me a good sweep in the hope it would get things moving along but still nothing!!!

1st baby I was in later labour for about 2 days, so my silly brain thought things would happen quicker this time !

I'm absolutely exhausted from being about with the constant tightening that comes in 5-10 minutes intervals then dissapears , then comes back again. All day every day

I feel like I will never go into labour on my own 😢

I'm sure lots of women experience this, but I just needed a rant!!

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