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Laughing after csection

14 replies

Tea1Sugar · 26/04/2014 17:32

Can I have done any damage from lots of laughing today? My stomach muscles are aching. I'm day 11 post section.

OP posts:

rallytog1 · 26/04/2014 19:34

Nope, you'll be fine. It really does feel like you might be damaging them though, doesn't it?!


Meglet · 26/04/2014 19:38

I had to stop laughing it was agony. I ended up doing a weird, panting laugh.


Boogles91 · 26/04/2014 19:46

If anything it makes your muscles heal better :p i found after shit load of laughing that the next day it was easier to get up and do things :) x


Tea1Sugar · 26/04/2014 20:20

Oh that's good to hear! I feel like I've done 1000 sit-ups!

OP posts:

lotsofcheese · 26/04/2014 20:22

Laughing is better than coughing - ouch! I remember the advice that you were supposed to get a cushion & hold it over your wound when coughing. WTF!! X


PumpkinPie2013 · 26/04/2014 21:17

You won't have done any damage Smile

I ended up doing a weird laugh after mine too meglet

It was agony to laugh or cough!!


Molotov · 26/04/2014 21:49

Hold your tummy when you cough or laugh


PrincessBabyCat · 27/04/2014 03:24

No, I don't think you can damage them. I had some tears after giving birth. I thought my stitches were going to tear when I laughed it hurt so bad.

Just don't sneeze!


Writerwannabe83 · 27/04/2014 08:02

Hey tea - I was thinking about you the other day as I know how nervous you were about the Section. I hope it wasn't as traumatic as you thought it may be and congratulations on your baby Thanks


Tea1Sugar · 27/04/2014 09:03

Thanks writer Smile I had a little girl, Emilia on 15/4/14 weighing 7lb 13oz. I found the anaesthetic petrifying and got rather hysterical at the beginning when all feeling went but the anaesthetist held my hand and was amazingly calm which calmed me. The radio was on and everyone was singing along! How are you and your small man?

OP posts:

ReeseWithoutHerSpoon · 27/04/2014 09:07

Oh tea congratulations!

I had EMCS with dd and it was the lovely, calm anaesthetist who got me through! I remember hounding her with questions - is everything ok, is the baby ok, what are they doing now, then I started telling her how scared I was. She just stayed there by my head the whole time talking in her calm, Eastern European accent to me! Would love to thank her- she's the one person I remember vividly from the whole experience.


Molotov · 27/04/2014 10:56

Yes, Reese, I remember my anaesthetist, too. I'm one of these people who keeps insisting "I'm okay. I'm fine", but he knew I was nervous and I remember him touching my arm and briefly taking my hand to emphasize 'it's okay'.

I don't remember his name, but I won't ever forget him (or that entire team at Birmingham Women's Hospital).


Tea1Sugar · 27/04/2014 11:06

Yup so much admiration for my anaesthetist. I don't know her surname just that she was Carol the consultant. She was a guardian angel I'll never forget her.

OP posts:

Tea1Sugar · 27/04/2014 11:13

In fact, I've tracked her down via the hospital website. I'm going to send her a thank you card. She made my csection for me Smile

OP posts:
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