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Is a water birth any good?

19 replies

Mrsstandard · 15/09/2013 21:19

Hello, I am 5 weeks pregnant and already thinking about the pain of child birth, is a water birth any good? My dad seems to think so but I am cautious. Also how is a water birth done and do I wear anything or totally naked? As you can tell I a,mvery excited but haven't a clue. Thanks

OP posts:
stargirl1701 · 15/09/2013 21:24

I found it excellent. I used a Tens machine at home and then went into the MLU at 8cm. I got into the pool and delivered after 4 hours. DD was born underwater and I was the first to hold her as I lifted her from the water. Amazing!

I wore a tankini top in the water.

MintyDiamonds · 15/09/2013 21:27

Hi congratulations on your pregnancy!

I had a home waterbirth with my first baby 6 months ago and it was amazing!

I thought labour would be a lot more painful than it ended up being and I do believe being in the pool helped, it just took a lot of the pressure (dd was back to back) of my back and relaxed me. Once I was in labour I got sooooo hot I just got naked and sat in my conservatory labouring for hours, so if your going to be in hospital and have no cold room to be in maybe a fan would be a good idea if you don't want to get completely naked.

Mrsstandard · 15/09/2013 21:29

I am noth sure whether being naked will bother me when giving birth to be honest if the pain is as bad as people make out.

OP posts:
MintyDiamonds · 15/09/2013 21:39

In regards to pain, I know everyone feels it differently but I do think staying calm and breathing through the contractions really really helped. I'm not adverse to pain relief and would have taken it, if I felt I needed it but it never really got that bad, so I don't think its a done deal that you will find it unbearable.

adagio · 15/09/2013 21:41

Everyone is different, I had a water birth, no other pain relief, and was surprised it didn't hurt anything like as badly as I anticipated - but perhaps I was lucky, or have a high tolerance - who knows?!

I wore an old string bikini top, the lighting in the room was dim (Midwife led unit). I felt very safe and private, as my bum was under water so in my mind, I was invisible [i sort of forgot water was clear..]. Just me and DH in the room, Midwife popped in every half hour or so. I was about 6cm when I got to hospital (used TENS at home) probably about 7 by the time the pool had run, then a few hours later the baby arrived, all washed and trying to swim Grin

I have said on other threads, I read books and researched prior to birth and particularly enjoyed reading birth stories by Ina May Gaskin. I also went to Daisy antenatal classes - £4 a session and part yoga/part birthing and active labour tips and part education (I admit I didn't really know the in depth process, stages and technicalities before I got pregnant)

Congratulations and good luck Flowers

Locketjuice · 15/09/2013 21:47

I wanted a water birth with my first, his labour was complicated so couldn't anyway but as everyone had told me water helps and to get in the bath I did.. And hated it!

My second was a really easy labour, painful but not excruciating and I was offered the water birth but she was already coming out as I walked into the hospital so was no point..

So I would just say don't plan too much what you want and go with the flow once your in labour as they are all different and until you are experiencing it you can't really say what you will want Smile

Not what you asked I know Grin

Lemonandrose · 15/09/2013 21:49

5 weeks is very early. Don't worry about it now! Just take it step by step and work your way up to your scan first.

Good luck and enjoy your pregnancy.

Mrsstandard · 15/09/2013 21:50

Thank you all, just very anxious

OP posts:
ExactlyWhat · 15/09/2013 22:03

I had water birth for both of my dc's. Doing it again next time (fx...currently ttc!)
Loved it - the water, both in the pool and from the attached shower head being directed on my lower bak was amazing pain relief. Also, was able to use the water to support my body and move around into different positions. Wore the top half of a tankini. I am very private and self conscious but didn't feel at all exposed in the water.
Highly recommend it but agree its not for everyone. Have always loved water so seemed obvis choice for me. My dad did call me a whale though for giving birth in water..cheers dad Hmm

stargirl1701 · 15/09/2013 22:09

I didn't find labour or birth particularly painful. DD was in a great position. I just felt pressure and then the overwhelming urge to push.

Breastfeeding, now that was fucking agony. Like razor blades being scored down your nipple. I have never felt anything so excruciating in my entire life.

Hermyninny · 15/09/2013 22:15

Congratulations! I had a water birth - it was great. DC was a 10lber, but being in the water helped me to relax and I had no tearing or post-natal complications.

I wore nothing for the water bit as by the time I got in I was already in transition and didn't give a flying feck about anything. I was in a midwife led unit in a small room so it all felt quite intimate and private anyway. If I'd got in earlier I'd probably have worn a vest on top.

Mrsstandard · 15/09/2013 22:32

That is what I am thinking I would rather wear nothing to be honest

OP posts:
karamcleod · 20/09/2013 17:05

I am 16 + 1 and hoping to have a waterbirth too, also start aquanatal on monday as I just love the water :)

Lostgirl27 · 20/09/2013 17:47

OP I've also just found out I'm 5 weeks and would like to investigate a water birth.

I hope this doesn't sound childish, but what happens if you poo? I would hate to be giving birth, DP next to me and have a poo floating about?!

Birth of 1st dc had complications so had an epidural and couldn't get out of bed, so hopefully things will go a bit smoother this time.

Congrats Grin

lalalonglegs · 20/09/2013 18:08

I have had two water births with no pain relief - both much preferable to the conventional birth with gas and air I had first. The water is very soothing and, ime, helped me cope with the pain.

lostgirl - your birth partner/midwife will have a sieve to scoop any, ahem, debris out of the pool. I'm not sure how common it is but I wouldn't let it put you off having a water birth and, tbh, you could poo while giving birth out of a poo. Good luck with it this time.

chocolatemartini · 20/09/2013 18:54

What star girl said! I laboured in water (got out to deliver) and it wasn't all that painful at all. Very intense. I used tens for first stage and water for second, nothing else, and delivered a whopping big baby at home... Hoping to repeat with dc2. For me bf was also initially more painful than labour and pregnancy sickness was worse than either. Labour was no sweat Grin for the record, bf was ok after about 4 weeks, and after that was a total joy. Until I got pg again anyway...

NekoChan · 20/09/2013 23:21

I had a water birth and it was brilliant! I really felt that the contractions were more painful any time I had to get out of the water (e.g. for an examination) and strangely I didn't seem to turn into a prune despite 6 hours in there!
Don't worry about wearing anything- you won't care on the day. The only thing that is a bit freaky is when the baby's head pops out and you are waiting for the next contraction and worrying that they will try and breathe under water!
I couldn't recommend a water birth highly enough. Best of luck.

wilkos · 20/09/2013 23:30

Had a waterbirth with ds, can't recommend enough Smile even though the gas and air ran out halfway through it was so very very easy compared to dds birth on dry land 2.5 years previous. Do it!

WinterCarlisle · 20/09/2013 23:36

I've had 2 home water births and 1 hospital birth on dry land (my first ). All were quick and straightforward but I loved the water births. If I have another baby (fingers crossed) then I'd definitely aim for another water birth. I wore a tankini top while I was in labour.
Janet Balaskas is the author of a great water birth book (can't remember the exact title) which I found very useful. You can also watch loads of water births on YouTube. Congratulations and best of luck! Smile

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