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Child mental health

Finding a counsellor: I don’t know where to start

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waterlego · 06/08/2022 15:00

Just that really!

I am seeking a counsellor/therapist/psychologist for my 16 year-old daughter who has some unhealthy ideas about eating and poor body image. She knows all of this and understands that there’s a problem. She wants counselling.

I’m looking for a private practitioner as my perception is that we will wait a long time if we go via the NHS and I would rather any treatment can get underway sooner rather than later.

How does one go about finding someone? Obviously recommendations would be good but I don’t really want to ask friends or local acquaintances because I want to protect my daughter’s privacy and not broadcast her issues to all and sundry.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

OP posts:
TeenDivided · 08/08/2022 15:52

Would The Priory be any help?

wonderingwhatsnext · 08/08/2022 15:58

We looked on the BACP website. You can search by those local to you and each has a profile detailing areas of expertise. Usually they offer a meeting to see if your daughter gels with them.

GoodOnPaper · 08/08/2022 15:59

The BACP register is a good place to find someone who is properly qualified.t
You can search by location and find profiles with details of experience.
Maldonado worth looking up the BEAT website.

GoodOnPaper · 08/08/2022 16:00

Typo should read *May also be

waterlego · 08/08/2022 16:01

Brilliant- thanks so much. Just good to have somewhere to start. Obviously I Googled local counsellors but just going straight to their own personal websites obviously doesn’t give an objective view of who they are and whether they come recommended. I’ll have a look at BACP and the Priory. (Priory is too far for us, but their information might be useful anyway).

OP posts:
waterlego · 08/08/2022 16:02

Will look at BEAT too, thank you.

OP posts:
Senseofsomething · 08/08/2022 16:09

There are many different types of counsellor and therapist. Look for someone registered by BACP, UKCP, or HCPC then you’ll know you have a registered practitioner. Prices will vary, as will level of training, years of experience and area of expertise. Some will be better with teenagers than others. Some will be talking therapists only, others may use art, drama, music, dance, play etc.

I would start with a Google search and making some phone calls. Your initial phone contact with the therapist and the types of questions they ask, and the way they talk with you, will probably tell you enough to help you decide whether you want to make a first appointment.

After the first appointment get your DD to take her time to decide if they feel like the right person to work with and tell her don’t be afraid to say if you want to try someone else.

Cismyfatarse · 08/08/2022 16:14

Try "The Wellbeing Academy" who have been amazing with my daughter (now 19). They are in Scotland, near Edinburgh, not far from us but she has had all her sessions via Zoom. Recommended by my school (I am a teacher) and have been a life saver.

SpiderVersed · 08/08/2022 16:18

I had to do similar, OP. I worked through BPAC looking at areas of expertise, emailed any that seemed a decent fit to ask about availability. Then they had a Zoom chat to see if they were compatible.

Be prepared to turn down some, or stop after a couple of session and choose someone else if the therapist and your child just don't click. Paying £50 a session to someone your child can't communicate effectively with is a waste.

Very best of luck!

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