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About to talk to GP about dd7

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Barrica · 15/07/2022 11:19

I've just written out a list of her behaviour and it's terrifying written down. Along with another sheet of A4 about her situation. Can I share it here please and see what you think?

Says she feels sad all the time if not distracted
Says she tries thinking of nice things but then her brain always turns them bad or into a nightmare (awake not asleep).
Can't bear feeling of clothes - seems random and not always the same items
Wees 5x plus at school and 3x at bedtime, often needs to go right after going.
screams or shouts without reason, random, maybe to get a reaction.
cries and screams over minor incidents
barely eats - at school or home
ignores doing as she's told, doesn't seem to hear or listen
frightened of being alone upstairs or in her bedroom downstairs
rewards or punishments make no difference to her behaviour
episodes of kicking, pushing screaming towards me especially, seems out of control and not herself in these moments - has had one in public where she lay on pavement growling, shouting, kicking and hitting me because she wanted a hairband she had already said hurt her head, so we bought another one. Later on she would have no memory of hitting or hurting me.
packs bags to run away
toileting in weird places like weeing outside, in her bedroom bin, has wet bed once in sleep
daredevil behaviour
bedtime taking two hours to settle her, then she's up three hours later at midnight looking for me - so always tired in the morning.
thinks I don't love her/love her sister more. Despite being told of course I do and making posters about all her wonderful qualities etc etc.
pushes for a reaction - does or says things she knows would upset me (trying my best to remain zen and most of the time I am. I walk away if it's upsetting me.)
started encouraging her 2 year old sister to copy her behaviour

Her background is: lives with mum and grandma and sister, has been an argumentative environment in the past.
Dad has always come 3 times a week and goes over the top with treats and outings (eg. I suggested he spend quality 1 to 1 time with her - he took her out for 12 hours to go ice skating, to the cinema, to the splash park, to the soft play, two restaurants, to the adventure playground. She came back manic and took 3 hours to get to sleep) - he will buy every single toy of a set etc. Dad and mum generally get on but sometimes it's a bit tense. His relationship with DD can be very intense.
I had undiagnosed pnd for first 2 years of her life and was very unpredictable, and out of reality, overreacted etc. Eventually got counselling which didn't help and finally antidepressants which have. I'm a different person - actually happy and calm. I had a history of depression prior to having children and now, I realise I am how I should have been all along. Hugely guilty for it all.
There were moments where my behaviour has been scary for her and I've always thought her acting out was testing to see if I was really okay or if I'd react madly again which is totally understandable. But now I see how much more it is than that.
Doesn't have much screen time as 100% makes everything worse.
She's very very good in school, behaviour and achievement but was separated from her close friend in year one having gone through covid year in reception. Very sad about it at the time. Now, end of y2, her new best friend is moving schools as are two other close friends before y3 due to y3 teacher not resolving bullying issues. Yr 3 TA already someone she doesn't like and thinks is mean. So somewhat worried about y3 and very upset to lose best friend.

Sorry, that's a lot. I don't know what the GP is going to say but it's not a case of 'oh shes a bit sad or a bit worried'. She needs help and I've promised her we will make her happier and help her with her worries.

Does anyone recognise any of the things I've said or have any words of wisdom?

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TimeTravelExpert · 31/07/2022 19:30

PM’d you

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