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I'm abused daily

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ohdear99 · 02/02/2022 13:41

My son 10 is near the end of assessments he has his QB test and then they will diagnose him he has very severe adhd and he's also being assessed for traits of autism.

He has got a lot worst over the coming weeks and from the moment he wakes up he calls me a fucking slag and screams and shouts for no reason every word out of his mouth is fuck shit wanker slag. He don't even no what these words mean today I feel drained.

He's only in school from 1-3 as he's been excluded so they want him in part time for 2 weeks even that's been draining he stays up untill 3.30am and I'm tired I also have 4 other children one being 5 and dignosed autism very different to 10 year old very quiet.

I love him but I dislike his ways and today I'm just mehhhh I'm dreading pick up time to be abused Again.

How do U manage ? I've been told to ignore this language and I do but it's getting to me

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