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Child mental health

DD8 and meltdowns/low mood

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DiscordandRhyme · 29/01/2022 16:52

Hello everyone.

Basically my DD8, nearly .9 - has these meltdowns when she's angry where she throws things, screams hysterically and tries to hurt herself physically with objects or hits herself.

She's also prone to real low mood which is sad to see.

I find these outbursts very triggering as my elder sister who had multiple MH issues would do the same when I was very young and it was very frightening.

I've also suffered from depression/anxiety myself from as long as I can remember.

I feel so guilty because she's obviously inherited my own Mental Health issues and I also worry how scary it is for her siblings (5 years and 10 months) as I was that sibling myself.

98% of the time she's an absolutely lovely, engaged and kind child. It's often if I tell her off or she comes to blows with her younger sister (5).

I do suggest reading alone, listening to music etc but she goes from 0 to 10000 in seconds, so reasoning with her is near impossible she just wants to be alone which as above actions take place, I'm not prepared to leave her alone.

I feel like the crappiest parent ever to be honest. I want what's best for my kids and I want them to be happy and grounded.

Just have no idea how hysterical I am being about this. I thought at this age those kind of meltdowns were unusual?

Thanks for any feedback/thoughts.

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Buddrinker84 · 17/02/2022 21:13

I'm sorry I have no advice. I have just been surfing the board for the same advice for my 9 year old. I could have written what you have just written, its absolutely exhausting and o feel bad because after staying calm for so long today, I lost it. It's like she goads me and doesn't stop until she gets a reaction out of me. I hope someone comes along with some ideas.

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Littleguggi · 17/02/2022 21:32

I'd recommend reading 'the whole brain child' book

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