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Child mental health

DD (14) inappropriate social media blog

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Domino1 · 17/06/2021 19:36

Hi. DD who is 14 is writing a fantasy story on tumblr - "whump". My gist is whump is about punishment, subtle emotional abuse, torture & maybe rescue? I'm sure I've got some bits wrong. My DD is struggling mentally & emotionally at school anyway & we've just started seeing a therapist. She is connecting to other people online who are into this too - most older I'd guess. It all seems very creative & supportive - full on writing chapters, sharing character queries etc but obviously in an area I don't want her part of. Do I let her know I know (I monitor thru Qustodio) & looked on laptop today & block/ban/take away or...? Don't want to alienate her or send her underground. Feel like I know the right thing but scared of the back fire & taking away the Only thing she shows any interest in & leaving her with no outlet. Anyone gone thru the same or similar? Feel rubbish.

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