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Child mental health

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Realitea · 18/01/2020 13:22

Dd has just turned 9 and for about 3 months she’s been really sensitive to noise and extremely moody. I put it down to her starting a steroid treatment due to asthma as I know that can change mood. ( It’s the brown inhaler, not tablets)

However this is different, she absolutely hates the sound of normal family noise. Walking, running water, chewing (she refuses to eat with me because she hates my chewing noise!) loading the dishwasher.. she gets incredibly angry and slams doors and stomps her feet, banging things about. She keeps her bedroom door shut.
She says it ‘disturbs her playing’ ‘distracts her’ or just makes her angry.
I’ve never heard of anything like this. I will talk to her doctor but just wondering if anyone else has heard of this before?
She’s fine with noise at school, they said she’s never mentioned it. It’s only at home.

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