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Active child with anger issues

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jayunny · 21/03/2019 06:15

Dear all,
I am new to this group and I would like to seek advise for my son who's 5.5 years old. He is in Year 1 and he is struggling in school, behaviour wise. Academically he is very smart and excels however he is unable to sit still in class, he disrupts the other children whilst in class. In my personal opinion he gets bored easily. He is capable of completing year 2 homework. His older brother is on year 2 and he enjoys doing the brother homework as opposed to his. He appears not focused (either he will be drawing or playing in class) but when the teachers asks a question in class, he is able to answer correctly. He also has anger issues, he has a flight or fight response to everything and is very protective. He takes it on himself to defend his friends and sometimes resorts to force. The school is not much help. Apart from giving him a red card and not allowing playtime when he mis behaves and they have no expressed they have no budget and have requested for me to sought help outside of school. I do not know where to start. Your advice is very much appreciated.

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