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Eating disorders, advice re 16yr old

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AlwaysSunshine81 · 15/01/2019 20:46

I have a 16 yr old, I am a single parent to 3 girls. I don’t have a lot of support.
DD has been cutting food out, noticed it couple months ago that she wasn’t taking lunch to school. Then I started making it for her but she told me sometimes she puts it in the bin. Before now she was eating chocolate and crisps sometimes but now she seems to be cutting it out. I am trying to add extra things to her foods eg cheese etc.
We go to the gym together as a family but recently she has been more keen to go and will workout for over an hour if I don’t stop her. I am tempted to cancel gym but it isn’t also something I love doing.
I have told her if she doesn’t take lunch tomorrow we won’t be goijg to the gym this week. She’s had a rant at her boyfriend.
She has been referred to NELFT but that is more for self harm and they have told me I need to take her to doctors for regular weigh ins.
My half sister suffers with anorexia and I don’t want her going down the same route

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