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Child mental health

Step daughter depression

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Anng81 · 15/10/2018 09:01

My 16 year old step daughter has recently been diagnosed with depression.
She lives with me and her Dad, as she couldn’t bare living with her mum and her partner as she doesn’t like the way he treats her Mum.
SD has a history of truancy, poor performance and exam grades have been flagged by School, she has admitted having suicidal thoughts, she is anxious, apologises all the time and tries to please people, in terms of what others expect from her.
I picked up she anxiety and depression months ago mentioned it to her Dad albeit it’s not my place to step in.
Her Mum plays mind games with her, making her daughter feel guilty for leaving to live withus. Mum is a functioning alcoholic and this was paramount in her parents marriage breakdown several years ago.
I’ve 2 teenagers at home also who are aware yet don’t know how to deal with it.
I’m looking for coping mechanisms to maintain a safe home for all 3 children, yet the home is disciplined “normal”.
I’d be grateful of others experiences to give me the tools I need as an adult and parent to support my partner his daughter and my children also.

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