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Dyslexia and mental health

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Heartshapedfairylights · 13/06/2018 20:22

I posted this in SEN a while ago but no one replied. I had a meeting with DS’ teacher today and things are going from bad to worse. I’m desperate...

Hello all.
My DS (9yo) was diagnosed with dyslexia and visual processing disorder about a year ago.
Whilst it has not been uncommon for him to avoid school work in the past, he has recently started to ‘shut down’, refusing to attempt even simple tasks. He is anxious about going to school, often complaining of sickness and not wanting to get out of bed in the morning. He has labelled himself as stupid and dumb and is embarrassed that he can’t keep up with other children.
DS is very emotional and has meltdowns frequently at home over the smallest things.
I’m at my wits end and don’t really know where to turn next.
The school are doing their best and we have an initial camhs appointment tomorrow. We are also starting the process of applying for an EHCP.
Has anyone got any words of wisdom? Been through something similar?
Thank you.

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