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Stealing food and unhappiness in a 9 year old.

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Lonecatwithkitten · 07/10/2013 14:39

This is going to be a long one sorry there is lots of back story.
18 months ago ExH announced he was having an affair made a pretence of trying to save marriage whilst all along seeing OW. I found out kicked him into touch. We told DD we weren't making each other happy so had decided to have two happy houses rather than one unhappy house. A month later ExH moved out and instantly started an on off relationship with OW she is with her husband half the time as in DD's words they haven't split yet (he knows everything).
OW has DD same age who has physically and verbally bullied in this time - huge bruises on neck and body this has stopped now. There are times when the girls share a bedroom.
Despite DD pushing me on occasions to know 'the real reason' why we split I have maintained the not making each other happy line. I have not commented on Ex's living situation.
Since January this year DD's weight has ballooned, she regularly does over 10 hours of PE dance per week so exercise is normal. General diet has been checked by dietician and is good.
However, over last few days I have discovered she is stealing food lots of it. When asked about it she lies. School has a counsellor and I have contacted them about counselling.
Has anyone else had any experience of this kind of situation.

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