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Can a two year old be depressed

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IsleOfRight · 03/10/2013 21:33

My two year old (nearly 3) has been melancholy for a week or so.

It is, I think, a combination of things.

  • she's been under the weather with an ear infection
  • she has realised I do stuff when she's at nursery and she wants to do it with me
  • she has learned the language to say she's not happy and is playing with it
  • her nanna is very ill and she has picked up on her concern
  • dh had three weeks were he was working away for half the week
  • she is starting to learn about death and is a bit obsessed with the sunflowers that were in our street and died and were cut down

So I am not seriously concerned she is depressed per se and all of these reasons would make anyone sad, but it is breaking my heart. Yesterday for the first time ever she didn't want to go to nursery and said 'mummy I just want to stay with you forever' and today she said 'I'm not happy' as a general thing.

Any advice?
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